Sunday, May 20, 2012

Polyamory on

Issues related to relationship rights and full marriage equality pop up from time to time over at If you are a mother or plan to be, it might be a good idea to join up over there to join the discussions. This thread is "DH and I want a polygamous/polyamory relationship with another woman."

Anonymous wrote...
So DH has finally decided that I could get a girlfriend. I've been bisexual my whole life, so when we got married and he told me he wouldn't be comfortable with me being with another woman, I was upset, but respected his wishes. Well, I've come out to him that this is something I really want, and would make me really happy. He agreed that it would be "hot" to see me with another girl, but has a lot of ground rules that I totally agree and am going to follow. She would be my love, someone I'm emotionally and sexually attracted to, and if she was someone really special, she could join in on our relationship with my DH. No, this wouldn't just be a threesome thing, it would be a type of polygamous relationship (which I have tried to search what the correct term would be for this type of relationship, but no success lol).

We are trying dating sites, but it's so hard to find anyone around here, seeing as this ideal does not seem very common in the world, let alone our area. Does anyone else have a relationship like this? Has it been successful? I wish I could find someone in person, but we hardly drink, and are not into the whole bar/club scene.

Oh, and we are happily married, this isn't some sort of way to spice up our marriage or anything, it's something that we want, that just feels right :)
There are many different ways polyamory is expressed. This is just one way.

Responses I saw when I accessed the thread were mainly supportive.

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