Friday, May 4, 2012

A Peek Into a Bit of LGBT and Poly History

Margie Adam interviewed Jeanne Cordova, tied to the local launch of Cordova's new book When We Were Outlaws, A Memoir of Love & Revolution. There are some excerpts of the interview at
Jeanne Cordova with Margie Adam and Barbara Price at Montclair Women’s Clutural Arts Club. PHOTO COURTESY OF JEANNE CORDOVA

Margie: You were also engaged in a passionate exploration of non-monogamy, the radical feminist theory and personal practice - in intense love relationships with other lesbians who took their autonomy and self-respect just as seriously as you did. At the same time you were clarifying your butch self in the midst of relentless pressure from lesbian feminists to move away from the either-or butch-femme identities toward androgyny.

Two different and vast subjects of interest - both connected to radical feminist theory. How have your thoughts and feelings evolved since the time in which the memoir is set - the mid-seventies? Are you married? Are you monogamous?

Jeanne: I’m domesticated --with a life partner for two decades, but I am not theoretically, monogamous. I do still believe that non-monogamy, or as we say today, polyamory, is the most natural state for lesbians. But I can’t seem to find a femme that agrees with me! Including the one I’m domesticated to. I don’t know how she feels politically because the mere mention of this topic never gets to a conversational level in our house. But personally, she doesn’t agree with me.

Seriously though, my views on this issue have not changed much since the early years of feminism, but I have seen that many queer dykes today, both the boomer generation and on down to Millennials, have continued to invent similar styles of living, such as polyamory. So while I’m here in the capital of polyamory, I’d like to point to it and non-monogamy as being very similar. So I would like to pose this question to all those here and elsewhere:

It is a very informative look at the history of some civil rights issues that still have to be won and defended in much of the country today.
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