Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Deal, No Contest Plea in Possible GSA Case

Updating this story about an apparent case of Genetic Sexual Attraction, Kerana Todorov of reports...

A woman charged with having sex with her teenage son pleaded no contest Tuesday to incest and other felonies in Napa County Superior Court.

Mistie Atkinson, 32, pleaded “no contest” to incest, oral copulation with someone under the age of 18, sending harmful matter and contact with a minor for sexual offense against her biological son, a Napa resident, between October and March.

The "harmful material" consisted of pics and videos. Just about every 16 year-old boy has been "harmed" by viewing such media. (I'm not excusing the production of such media when it includes minors.)
Under the plea deal, Atkinson may be sentenced to four years and eight months in state prison for the crimes against her son who lived with his father, according to court records. With time credit for good behavior, she may be out of prison in two years and four months.
 Would a man have been given the same deal?
The woman, who does not have custody of her son, had left the boy when he was 2 years old, court filings indicate.
Still nothing about whether or not the man who impregnated her when she was 15 or so was ever held criminally liable for doing so. If having sex with 16 year-old is criminal, then having sex with different 16 or 15 year-old has to be too, righ.

Again, I'd like to know if there is any indication that she is a predator in general, or if this is the only thing like this she has done, prompted by GSA.
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  1. The entire case is ridiculous. Something very similar happened with me and my birth mother. We met when I was in college and soon became intimate. I don't regret this as it was a necessary step for us. We moved past that stage and have been able to establish a more familial relationship. Being intimate was a necessary step in the healing process for us. We missed out on being physically intimate as a mother and infant would. Meeting as adults that need was still there, only because we were adults it manifested itself as sexual desire. Once we got this need out of our system we were able to move on. Today we are close and emotionally bonded, but not sexually involved. We're both in happily involved in committed relationships with others. If we had not become lovers for a time, I don't think we would be as close as we are now.

    That is almost certainly what has happened with these two. Had the police and courts not become involved, these two would probably have settled down into a more traditional relationship on their own. Now they won't have that chance because the powers that be will keep them separated. Taxpayers will have to foot the bill to keep this poor woman locked up. Meanwhile her son will be brainwashed by head shrinkers into thinking he is a victim of abuse.

    Reading about this, I have to wonder how they were discovered. Mom and I didn't really worry about that at the time. We didn't tell anyone about the extent of our relationship, but at the same time we didn't fear anyone finding out about us. I suspect it was cell phone records that did them in.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Anonymous. The videos and pictures were strong evidence, I'm sure. It is quite possible the boy's father, the woman's ex, turned them in.

      I can see both sides of this case. I argue against laws that criminalize or discriminate against CONSENSUAL ADULT sex, not against age of consent laws in general, and the fact is, according to California law, he was not old enough to consent to sex. Yes, in some states he would be, and he might have enjoyed this with no regrets. On the other hand, he might have been confused and scared and not sure what to do with his feelings. Every 16 year-old is different, but the line on age has to be drawn somewhere, and in California, it is 18.

      A big difference in your life is that you were old enough to consent. By the way, contact me if you'd like me to interview you via email. Your situation sounds like a good example of how sometimes, the sex is positive even if it doesn't lead to a lasting sexual relationship.

      Getting back to this other case... it is entirely possible that after she serves her sentence, he may do whatever he can to get back together with her, just as in the case of the female schoolteacher who got pregnant by her underage student, went to prison, and then they married after she served her time.

      I hope, in this case, she is not a predator in general. If this now-17 year-old was hurt by this experience and was truly victimized, then I hope he gets the help he needs. If, however, he was not hurt and loves her, then I hope they don't convince him to think of himself as a victim.

    2. To Anonymous I want to let you know that you totally are not alone. I was adopted and have those same kinds of bonding feelings with my father. I am almost 20 years younger than he and the of us met when I was 18. I am glad you have expressed yourself.



  2. what was the sentence?

    1. Good question. Last I saw, sentencing was scheduled for June 13, but I have not seen any news. Perhaps the sentencing was postponed for reasons unrelated to the case, or perhaps it was postponed because of a complication with the case? On the hopeful side, perhaps the boy is fine and is begging for a lighter sentence and all involved in the case are learning about GSA and there will be counseling rather than jail time?

    2. And now we have our answer:


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