Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where to Talk About Genetic Sexual Attraction

Genetic Sexual Attraction has been in the news and on television lately, so I offer this reminder for people who want to talk about Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA).

Unfortunately, people happily in GSA relationships are less likely to participate in online discussions or appear in the media than people who are unhappy or whose relationships have ended...

"Let's see... hang out with my lover, or argue with strangers online.... hmmmm."

"Sure, I'll appear on your talk show or in your news report, increasing my risk of being prosecuted, being persecuted by hateful bigots, being fired, having the person I love most taken away from me..."

Still, if you want help or just want to discuss Genetic Sexual Attraction, the two best places to go are... - FREE, open, and welcoming to any respectful person looking for help, support, or information.

Reunion GSA Yahoo Group - Free, but back to being private. You have to ask to join, and you may not be allowed.

You might also want to check out Kindred Spirits, which is a free discussion forum for any consanguinamorous relationships, whether initiated through GSA or not. Advice may be offered through private message, but is generally not offered in the open discussions.

In the future, after hateful laws are repealed, it will be easier to find help and support. Until then, we have to deal with things as they are.

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