Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Good News For Those Experiencing Genetic Sexual Attraction

As you may remember, Barb Gonyo’s, which had a long-running discussion forum on Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA), was euthanized and some of the organs were harvested and placed behind a paywall at a new location tied to a blog.

Now, a new forum moderated and populated by others who had participated in Gonyo’s discussion forum is now online, and this free forum welcomes all who have experienced GSA or are experiencing GSA.

If you’ve met a genetic relative for the first time, or after being separated since at least one of you was a child, and you have experienced a strong attraction to that person that includes physical or sexual attraction or has resulted in sexual affection or arousal, you are likely experiencing Genetic Sexual Attraction. GSA is real and is a common, normal response to the circumstances involved. GSA is not an indication that anything is wrong with you or the other person. It is not wrong to have these feelings. Genetic Sexual Attraction happens in up to half of all situations in which pubescent or post-pubescent genetic relatives meet for the first time or reunite after having been separated since at least one of them was a child. (See here for more about GSA.)

Please note that the new forum is for those who are, or have experienced GSA or looking for real information on GSA, whether or not consanguinamory or consensual incest is or will be involved. It is NOT a forum for people involved in sexual relationships with, or attracted to, people they’ve grown up with, were raised by, or raised. Those people should instead go to the forum Kindred Spirits (people brought together through GSA are also welcome at KS).

There had been philosophical and personality clashes within the GSA community, which shouldn’t be surprising as there is wide diversity when it comes to human relationships and people can experience GSA regardless of creed, nationality, ethnicity, and socioeconomic background. As a result, it isn’t surprising that there is a need for this new forum. There still aren't many places to go to find help, so it is great to now have
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  1. Thankies for the info, just registered, it's nice to have another place to go to now :-)


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