Tuesday, March 5, 2024

National Sons Day - March 4

If you have a son, it's time to think about the good things he's brought into your life and what you can do to show your support and appreciation.

A special shout out to all the parents who support their sons who are LGBTQ+,
ethically nonmonogamous, and/or consanguinamorous

Speaking of consanguinamory, a very special shout out to all of you who are consanguinamorous with a son. I'm sure you can think of a great way to celebrate the day.

If you are considering adding an additional bond with your son, this might help.

You can let us know if you make a point of marking this day, either by commenting below (you can do so anonymously) or by contacting Keith
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  1. I am the Italian boy in the interview and I have been living in a relationship with my mother for almost five years now and I honestly did not know about this day....thank you very much for making me aware of this date on which I will legitimately claim to be celebrated XD


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