Saturday, March 30, 2019

Pennsylvania Still Arresting Consenting Adults

Here we go yet again. As reported at
State police arrested a Tyrone woman Wednesday for a felony charge of incest. 
Amanda Michel Zindel, 31, of 1376 Bell-Tip Road, is behind bars for allegedly having sex with a family member, who is not being named since he has not been arrested or charged. 
State police at Hollidays­burg first received a complaint May 29 about the discovery of a video of Zindel and an adult male family member having sex that had been recorded on Zindel’s computer tablet.
These are consenting adults. There is no victim. (If May 29 is not an error, this must have been a very long investigation.)

With the laws being what they are in Pennsylvania, the man is likely either her father or grandfather, brother or half-brother, uncle, or nephew. For it to be her son, she would have had to have given birth to him at age 13 or younger.

Although the male family member denied ever having sex with Zindel and claimed he had not spoken to her in nearly five years, police said they were able to positively identify both him and the defendant in the video.
How many times did they watch?

Why hasn't the man been arrested, too? Police have talked with him. Isn't he as "guilty" as she is? He shouldn't be arrested, but she shouldn't have been, either. This is outrageous injustice.
The video shows a white female giving a white male oral sex and shows the two of them having sex, a police criminal complaint states. During the video, the white male reportedly calls the white female by her first name, “Amanda.” 
The person who reported the video to police also positively identified both Zindel and the male family member, according to the complaint.
I wonder who the rat is? I can't imagine having a life so empty and priorities so jumbled as to be compelled to rat out consenting adults to law enforcement for the "crime" of loving each other. The rat's name and address should be published, too. Be a better person. Be an ally.

Zindel was arraigned Wednesday morning by Magisterial District Judge Fred Miller. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.
Honorable Judge Miller, please do the right thing and throw this case out. To pursue this case would be a waste of public resources and cruel.

The only way it makes "sense" that he hasn't been arrested is that he's significantly younger, like a nephew or half brother, and his parent is the rat. But even so, he's just as "guilty" as she is, and if she's going to be metaphorically stoned, he should be, too, and the parent would just have to live with that, because the law, as stupid as it is, is written that way. If it's going to be applied to her, it has to be applied to him, too, or it's a clear violation of equal protection. I'm just speculating, though. In these cases it is entirely possible that he's older than her and this is just a matter of sticking it to a woman for enjoying sex.
She is held at the Blair County Prison on a bail set at 10 percent of $25,000.
Why? What danger is she? Thankfully, most of the people enjoying consanguinamory in Pennsylvania are never outed to law enforcement. But especially until the laws are changed, people need to be careful.

There is no good reason to deny consenting adult their rights to be together how they mutually agree. The legislators of Pennsylvania need to change the laws and they need to pardon anyone convicted of this victimless "crime."
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  1. 'Exactamente correcto' Keith, as usual! Good work!

  2. Just another reason to keep your private life private. What good comes from recording personal interaction, and letting it out on the internet. There is no privacy, don't be foolish.


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