Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Are You Open-Minded?


Lucy Moore interviewed Brandon Wade, founder of OpenMinded, and it was posted at Wade answered the basic question about defining a polyamorous relationship...

The word polyamory itself means multiple loves. Being polyamorous means having multiple relationships-there isn't a central relationship or partner as is seen in open relationships, and some varying levels of commitment can exist. There are also different configurations, where individuals can be involved in different relationships, while others are more interconnected with one of their partners having a relationship with someone else in the constellation or all of them being involved. It can be quite complex.
Yes it can.
Why should we all be more accepting of this lifestyle?
Because if we don't have the right to love other, mutually agreeing adults and to love each other how we mutually agree, what rights do we really have?
Judgement and stigma are among the main culprits that destroy individual identity, and create unsafe environments. When people are able to exercise their preferences openly, it improves overall quality of life and allows society as a whole to progress.
Why is there such a stigma surrounding this type of relationship?
It's been stigmatized as a sexual kink or simply "experimenting," because there is not enough information out there about being polyamorous. Many people assume it's a choice and that it's driven by selfishness, when it's the complete opposite.
It's important to remember that a polyamorous relationship isn't necessarily the same thing as an open relationship. Some polyamorous relationships are closed, including some that started that way and will always be that way. Some polyamorous relationships are at least partially open. And many polyamorous people would exclude, say, a married couple in which one or both spouses are free to have casual flings from being classified as polyamorous, but place them under the larger umbrella of ethical nonmongamy, which would include swinging, swapping, or a couple having a sexual threesome every once in a while.

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