Monday, July 11, 2016

Another Example of Why We'll Win

There are some comments I won't publish on this blog because they contain "language" that isn't polite to use. Basically, I want the text of this blog (including the comments) to be passable for broadcast television and radio under (US) Federal Communications Commission guidelines, meaning certain words like the "f" word and the "s" word won't be printed.

Another comment that I couldn't publish under such guidelines was recently left after this entry, answering a very frequently asked question, "Can siblings marry?"

Here it is, with dashes instead of the original letters...
You people are f---ing weirdos... please stay hidden under whatever rock you're hiding in, the world has enough weirdos who are half retarded and have HUGE foreheads... Freaks!!
My apologies to anyone who is offended, especially by the use of the word "retarded."

The ignorance expressed in this comment is all too common. We're not talking about breeding eugenics. We're talking about relationships between consenting adults.

Notice also that the person doesn't provide an argument other than the variation of Discredited Argument #18, but rather spews hate, urging people to stay in the closet.

I have news for this person. Entries like the one on which she or he commented are the most popular entries on this blog. Consanguinamory is common enough that the commenting person no doubt knows at least one person in such a relationship. It could be what brought that hater to this blog in the first place.

There really isn't a good reason as to why consenting adults should be denied their relationship rights, including full marriage equality. That's why we're going to win.
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  1. Jeez what an idiot. I haven't had any haters at my site yet, but it's bound to happen one of these days. Most people like this don't even have anything intelligent to say to add to the discussion, so they substitute it with profanity. There is probably more supportive or neutral people out there than we realize, but the majority are just woefully uninformed and that isn't even their fault it is the way things are. I think when people get more educated on the subject a lot of people will come round and support us. Idiots like this will NOT win the debate.


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