Monday, April 2, 2012

Stop Denying the Polygamous Freedom to Marry

In Botswana, Tshepo Sepora asks. “Is Polygamy An Option?” This was asked because the writer saw “Sister Wives” on one of the BBC Channels.
Look at it in this way, the man in the reality show Sister Wives lives with all his wives and children under one roof and cares for them, loves them and provides for all of them. But yet people find this so ungodly and so wrong but yet there are a whole lot of men who have children with four different women and most of them don’t even take care of these scattered children. Even so, there’s no law that imprisons these kinds of people, only until the mother sues the father for maintenance and that’s it.
There are no regular police checks on men who have kids with different women and extra marital sexual relationships, so they can live in constant fear! What is our government and law trying to portray? What are we the youth supposed to learn from this?
That it’s right to have a whole lot of kids with different women and not marry them or love them, but it is so wrong to marry all these women and provide for your children and be a happy family?
Polygamy is an option. An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults. If someone wants to be married to all of the mothers and fathers of their children, we should never discourage that.

It is good to see that “Sister Wives” is getting people in other countries to think, too.
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