Saturday, April 7, 2012

Polyamory Can Mean More Relationship Security

The polyamorous have taken to tumblr like duck takes to water. Just see where, we read  "Why polyamory actually makes us feel MORE secure about our relationships."

We were talking about his insecurities surrounding me beginning to date S (which is going wonderfully, by the way!), and after a lot of really great dialogue, he said some things that really stuck out to me:

“Actually, it really does the opposite of make me insecure. It’s an ego boost, really. What it says to me is that even though you’re dating him, it hasn’t changed your desire to be with me. The fact that you want to be with me despite seeing other people says that there are things about our relationship you can’t get anywhere else. It means you find things about me irreplaceable, things that you don’t have in another relationship, and that preserves the value of our relationship. If your interest in Person A doesn’t diminish once you start dating Person B, it means that Person A is special enough and irreplaceable enough to keep around, no matter who else is a part of your life.”

It is an important point.

As far as tumblr... maybe I should add that to my outreach?

I may or may not blog tomorrow (Easter). Enjoy the rest of  the weekend and don't each too much candy.
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