Monday, April 9, 2012

Near Melbourne?

Great sex educator Tristan Taormino talked to Kate O’Halloran at

“In the grand scheme of things, polyamory is still a pretty new concept. The discussion about non-monogamous relationships within mainstream media has increased in the last few years, but I wouldn’t say that ‘polyamory’ is a household word yet or that a huge percentage of the population understands the basics about it.”

Taormino hopes to go some way towards providing her audiences in Melbourne with more of an insight into the logistics of negotiating an open relationship in her class entitled ‘Making Open Relationships Work’, which discusses practical strategies for making polyamory possible.

Readers near Melbourne: Depending on when you read this, it might not be too late to attend...

An Evening with Tristan Taormino, April 11, 303 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
Making Open Relationships Work, April 12, 225 Bourke St, Melbourne
Information and bookings –
My usual disclaimer... "polyamorous" is not synonymous with "open." There are polyamorous relationships that are closed.
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