Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Lioness Roars About Genetic Sexual Attraction

A new blog has appeared about what we call Genetic Sexual Attraction... GSA: The Lion's Den. The Lioness welcomes all in forbidden consensual relationships, not just people experiencing GSA. She also makes a case for calling Genetic Sexual Attraction  "Genetic Self Loving" instead.

He looked like me with the same nose and same colored eyes. My face was shaped that same as his, and he was even built like me. It was not sexual at all. It was a self admiration in the opposite sex. It was the one person I always wanted in my life (without me even realizing I wanted him).

You see, loving that person so intimately and selflessly is like loving yourself and taking care of yourself. That person becomes an extension of you, and you can no longer live without him or her. Well, that's how it feels anyways.
She's an attractive young woman (she blogs anonymously, but I know who she is) who is experiencing GSA with her genetic father, who is married.

As I often say, I do not encourage anyone to break existing vows to others by cheating. If you have a partner or partner(s) and you have not cleared it with her/him/them that you are going to have sex with someone else, you shouldn't unless you want that to be the end of your prior relationship(s). However, I am more understanding when GSA is involved; this is a special circumstance in which even people who would never otherwise cheat can be overpowered by their emotions.

If course, if someone doesn't have prohibiting vows or agreements, then I see no reason to hold back from consanguinamorous encounter, fling, or ongoing relationship.
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