Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Consenting Adults Have a Right to Polygamy

An adult, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, should be free to marry any consenting adults. In a discussion forum, WhipperSnapper 88, from Ohio, asked in a discussion forum what's wrong with polygamy.
So What is so wrong with polygamy so long as it is between consenting adults? What about it warrants it to be considered a crime? Are you aware that many polygamist relationships have a higher survival rate then monogamous ones? Polygamy is also found amongst many figuers in the Bible.

Is there anybody who approves of gay marriage but opposes polygamy? If so, how did you arrive at that conclusion?

What is so wrong with polygamy and who does it hurt?

The principle is that a few elect men would be able to score most of the possible wifes away from the less fortunate men, who would thus suffer and then rise up against us. 
Got that? Women should be forced to be with men they don't desire. This is Discredited Argument #16.

The point of the law is so that we have no complainers.
Current law is terrible, then, because there is much complaining. There are many places where gays and lesbians can't marry and polygamy is banned. Somebody is not going to be happy. I vote for letting adults marry any consenting adults. That way, the sex police will be the complainers, but that's okay because they will be complaining about what other people are doing, not what they can or can't do.

here is what i find utterly wrong with polygamy:

See Discredited Arguments #10, 18, and 1. And nothing is wrong with consensual incest.

I'm fine with gay marriage, but have always been iffy about polygamy, only because people in polygamous marriages/relationships seem strange to me.
Discredited Argument #3

So the problem I've tried to wrap my head around is the whole male figure seemingly taking advantage of the women, who have either been indoctrinated into thinking this or worse, coerced.
Yeah, that never happens in monogamous marriages, right? See Discredited Argument #15.
Plus there is the jealousy issue that runs rampant in the cases I've seen, and most times it's the women dealing with that and not the man.
Why not let the participants worry about that?

Again, lots of support and some of the usual discredited arguments

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