Monday, April 16, 2012

Persecution Persists Against Consanguinamory

There's been some outrageous recent developments as far as persecution against consanguinamory and the consenting adults who benefit from it and enjoy it. My previous two entries were about the horrible court decision in Europe, and now one of our favorite discussion forums has been forced to move for the second time in a matter of weeks. The porn-free Consensual Incest forum got the boot from Forumotion and should be operational at a new home on Monday. For some reason, the "sister" forum, "Incest Therapy," has not been booted from the service, perhaps because of the name. I will be sure to point you to the new location of the Consensual Incest forum once I have confirmed it is operational. [Update: Here is the new location.]

Not everyone is going to want the same love life. I understand that some people are disgusted by different things, but I don't try to stop people from talking with each other about things that disgust me. It is ridiculous that anyone would try to shut down honest discussion about consensual sex between adults.
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  1. A forum is small enough to be hosted on a private server, and not even a very big one. Why don't the do that? Or they could host it on a foreign server known for hosting more controversial material.

    The problem is, I can guarentee that you not only have people following your activity with this blog and the facebook page that are for this cause, but you have people following you, watching and waiting to see what you say so that they can use it against the very cause you are trying to help. So if anyone who is against it sees this new forum, don't you think they are going to try and report it to this server host too?


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