Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Inconsistency of Banning the Polygamous Freedom to Marry

Tshepo Sepora supports the polygamous freedom to marry, at least from a polygynous perspective...

But really guys, I still firmly stand by what I said last week. I don’t think it makes sense for the government to make polygamy illegal but nothing really binding is done to men who have tens of kids all over the country with different women. I mean, polygamy actually enables a man to marry the women he loves and raise and care for all his kids all under one roof.

And what harm is actually done by such marriages, if anything all I see is goodness! For one, certain diseases could be curbed, and instead of a man cheating on his wife behind closed doors, he just may tell the wife openly that he’s thinking of bringing another woman in to the marriage and since this will be done rightfully disgraceful acts of cheating and spreading HIV might just be reduced.
As I've written may times, it is ridiculous that it is illegal to be married to more than one person at a time while it is legal to have children with them, and quite often, have sex with them or even live with them. Why ban their marriages? Full marriage equality will increase stability, reduce cheating, and reduce divorce.
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