Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Go Check Out Charlie Glickman's Site

Charlie Glickman provides great adult sex education. In this article, he asks, “Why Can’t We Have Good Articles About Polyamory?”

Geoff Capp left a comment answering that question…

Because most of the people writing them (i.e., most people) consider themselves monogamous (even if they aren’t) and see poly-anything as a threat to their rightness.  Monogamy, often religiously-based, is as much a religion for many people as is free-market capitalism, party politics, or computer platform.  (To be fair, many poly folk get religious about poly as well.)  Any disagreement with a sincerely-held religious tenet is often perceived as an attack, so a certain amount of defensiveness is to be expected.

Also, for a similar reason, most people writing about it have no experience and less idea of what’s really going on, and are (and generally must be) more interested in selling a good story than in reporting “fair and balanced” facts.  The majority of their market, in many cases, is the same religiously monogamous majority mentioned above, so lather, rinse, repeat.
Thankfully, we are getting more positive articles about polyamory.
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