Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How It All Started

If you'll be in Syracuse, New York between now an April 28, you can catch My First Time, written by Ken Davenport. James MacKillop reviews it at Yes, it is about first experiences with sexual intercourse. MacKillop compares and contrasts (mostly contrasts) the show with The Vagina Monologues.

Coitus introductus: Let’s talk about sex with, from left, Paul Steffens, Marguerite Mitchell, Darian Sundberg and Aubry Panek in Rarely Done’s My First Time.



Indian-Americanplaywright Davenport (born Kenneth Hasija) might be thoughtful, but he’s more interested in diverting and amusing the audience. This is the same guy who co-wrote the off-Broadway spoof-musical Altar Boyz (2005)
Where My First Time is truly different is that nearly all of the dialogue has been culled and edited from an Internet website. Peter Foldy and Craig Stuart created in 1998, and since that time 40,000 anonymous persons have volunteered stories of how the event happened. 

But don't worry...

One of Davenport’s first skills is editing, juxtaposing responses to make the flat sound funny. In response to the questions where did you lose your virginity, we have Pizza Hut, the Washington subway system and Bible camp. Everyone speaks in perfect grammar. No one uses twitter abbreviations (not a single lol!). And the street names for male and female genitalia are conspicuously absent.
Here's what is relevant to this blog...  
The Family Research Council would surely object to Davenport’s indifference that the majority of these encounters is before or outside marriage. Yet the script is neither nihilist nor relativist. The stories of incest, not forced but loving, and later of rape, are meant to be unsettling. 
Consensual incest should be a topic unsettling to those who want to deny it exists, or should exist.
Dark moments in the second act lead to a depiction of sordid group sex and a hideous-sounding Coca-Cola douche. 
Sordid? Is it really? Or was was splendid? Group sex is not for everyone, to be sure, but it is for some. I would think group sex being the setting for someone's first time would be an extremely rare thing... unlike consanguinamory, which isn't rare for a first time.
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