Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mother-Daughter Dance Duo

A couple of months back, lingerie ads featuring a mother and daughter got much attention.

More recently, a mother-daughter striptease act hit the news. Meredith Carroll's piece asks, "Biggest Turn-Off Ever?"

I don't know Carroll, but many people attracted to women (such as heterosexual men) fantasize about having sex with a mother and daughter, and some of those fantasies involve it happening as a threesome. As with any fantasies, some people do not share it or are turned off by the thought.

I’ve never quite understood the twin fantasy that some men harbor, and others (Hugh Hefner, anyone?) actually live. I mean, is it really a turn-on to think of sisters getting it on? 
 For some, yes.

Incest is a bad thing, not a sexy thing, right? At least that’s what I’ve always thought.

Why? Why would any consensual sex be a bad thing? She references the lingerie ads.

Along those same lines, when I read about a mother-and-daughter striptease show (via Café Mom), I wondered why. Why? Why? Why? Why? And who. As in, who, exactly, would pay money to go see a mom and daughter strip next to each other?

And yet. There’s a mother-daughter duo in Australia who star in a striptease show together. And apparently they have an audience.

Why is this so surprising? Why is it better if two women who were strangers before working together dance together?

Sasha Brown-Worsham had the piece Carroll mentioned. She starts off by bashing pole dancing in general.

Mia Robinson and daughter Kiki Vidis are a mother-and-daughter striptease show. Can you say ew?
Okay, so far two women don't like it. So what?

I try to be open minded about all things sexual and I certainly want to raise both of my children in such a way, too. But I draw the line at ever dancing nude on stage with them. What would that tell an impressionable young woman in her early 20s?
That dancing is an honest way to make a living? That her body isn't something of which to be ashamed?

Is that really a career path I would want to see my daughter pursue?

There are many honest jobs people might not want their children to have. It doesn't mean something is wrong with the job, or having a parent work alongside their grown child in that job.

And here is the article by Emma Goodwin.

Normally, Ms Robinson works in administration and said that while some friends may have fallen by the wayside she has made a lot more since she started working in the erotica business.

"I'm a normal person, nine to five, Monday to Friday and then, occasionally, I do a show with my daughter and it's a little different, I guess."
It is her choice.
Several responses to the article were positive, including men saying yes, this was a turn-on.

An adult, regardless of gender, should be free to perform with any other adult. Not everyone is going to like it; those who don't like it don't have to watch it. We have got to stop telling women who they can't work with and what they can't do with their own bodies.
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