Sunday, March 25, 2012

Polyamory at the Movies

Has anyone seen the new release "Losing Control?" Anyone planning to see it? This review at by John DeFore says it "isn't ready for clinical trials." It is a romantic comedy.

The scientific method is an iffy means to vet love in Losing Control, the debut feature by biophysics student-turned-filmmaker Valerie Weiss. Though it's easy to imagine the pic's conceit making for a likeable mainstream rom-com, its execution is far too broad and unlikely to connect with viewers.

Here's the part relevant to this blog...

Cue the lineup of wacky would-be one-night-stands, ranging from crass yuppies to tantric freaks and one sensitive fella recruiting for a polyamorous homestead. Some of the potential romances hit amusing notes, but Weiss isn't invested in making any of them feel like a plausible encounter.

"Tantric freaks?" As in freaks in the demeaning sense, or does DeFore use "freaks" in the sense of someone being a serious enthusiast or practitioner?

Anyway, polyamory shows up in the movies again.
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