Monday, March 12, 2012

Helping Sibling Hands

Ezio asked at, “Is this considered incest?”

So I started dating this girl, and she has a brother who is one of my best friends. Well a few nights ago me and my girlfriend where talking and she told me that her and her brother have masturbated each other in the past... two questions one do you think that this is incest and two how should I react to this?

Some of the responses were prejudiced against consanguinamory, but bitonside responded…

As part of growing up, some brothers and sisters or cousins (of similar ages) do explore and play. They grow out of it and develop normally, with no ill effects.

Some “grow out of it.” Others keep growing into it, and into each other.

That is not incest. Nor is it something to be worried about, unless there is a significant age gap, one person has power over another or one person is being forced into it.

Ezio returned to say…

thank you to bitonside I talked to her and a few things I miss heard her they stopped it a while ago, they are only a year apart and they only did it a couple of times when she was 13 and he was 14.

That is a very common thing and it shouldn’t be of concern to anyone.

Some people argue whether there has to be some form of intercourse for it to actually be incest; I don't think it matters. Whatever level of consensual affection siblings close in age have with each other, whatever it is called, should be up to them. If a person in the position of the question-asker can't handle whatever level of affection they currently have with each other, or what they did in the past, then he or she needs to step back from the relationship. However, if someone is going to rule out as a partner anyone who ever had consensual, affectionate or curious contact with a sibling's genitals, they will greatly reduce their pool of potential partners.
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