Saturday, March 24, 2012

No Plural Marriage Gonna Happen Here

Under full marriage equality, marrying more than one person should not be a criminal matter. However, an existing marriage partner should be informed if their partner is marrying someone else, and should be free to divorce if she or he disapproves.

From comes this report of a man facing criminal bigamy charges.

A woman contacted police to tell them that her husband had gone to Las Vegas and married another woman while he was still married to her, Edinburgh deputy police chief David Lutz said. She filed for divorce in February, but it has not been finalized.

Police obtained a marriage certificate from Nevada that showed that Penrod married a woman from Nineveh on March 2, Lutz said.

She had already filed for divorce. The only possible problem I see here is how the law splits up assets.

His new wife told police that the three of them had been living together and that they originally planned to live as polygamists after getting married in Las Vegas, Lutz said. His first wife told police that they separated in December after she learned of his relationship with the other woman, and that’s why she filed for divorce.

I wonder who is telling the truth? Was the first wife initially supportive of the relationship and later turned against it, using the law as revenge? Or did she have an agreement of monogamy with him that he violated? Was this cheating, or a polycule that disbanded? It is "she said vs. she said" as there is no quote from him in the article.
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