Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Cold Shower

Much has been made recently of Paypal restrictions on content. Now, Myfreeforum,org, which has hosted two consanguinamory discussion forums to which I've linked PFI and the recent spin-off, is giving them the boot.

From an email...

I'm sorry to inform you that advertisers have become a lot tougher on subject matter and we will no longer be able to carry your forum.

Whether advertisers are actually pressuring them or not, we have no way of knowing, but my guess is that the staff of wouldn't bother to go through the effort of chasing people away if advertisers weren't making scary noises. Nor would they have included this, if they were just trying to thwart free discussion of consanguinamory...

I can give you a free export of the forum, but in a weeks time I plan on suspending it.

That is nice of them.

I don't know yet where PFI, which may change names, is going to go. However, the spin-off group now has the Consensual Incest forum here.

The world needs more freedom to discuss and depict consensual sex, including consanguinamory, not less. Advertisers should get on the right side of history sooner rather than later and support relationship rights.
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