Thursday, March 8, 2012

Consanguinamory in Uganda

I’m sure it happens every day, but did it happen in this case? James Kakooza, a former health care state minister in Uganda, was in court recently as he and a woman, Enid Tuhirirwe, claiming to be his wife were in dispute over a divorce. She is claiming adultery and cruelty. From

Her side…

Tuhirirwe and Kakooza entered a customary marriage in June 2008 in traditional Kinyankole ceremony in which they were given a lot of property as gifts that she wants court to split equally between them.

As far as the adultery…

She claims her problems with Kakooza started when she demanded to know the father of a baby that one of Kakooza's own daughters had given birth to in 2009. She told court that suspicions of incest were obvious when Kakooza and his 21 year old daughter concealed the identity of the father from her and the next thing was seeing them sharing the same bed.

As you know, I support the right of Kakooza and his adult daughter to be together, if that is what they want. I do not think cheating is a good idea, though.

He says…

In his defence, the former minster denies entering a customary marriage with Tuhirirwe and claims she is related to him as a friend and not as a wife.

He says he will ask Tuhirirwe to pay damages for the allegations.

Interesting stuff.
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