Thursday, March 29, 2012

Young Love

Coleen Nolan’s advice column at got a question about whether or not something was incest…

My cousin and I are both 17 and were virgins until our holiday with his parents at a villa in Barbados.

He’s very handsome and as I fancied him. I deliberately made him sexually excited by asking him to rub sun oil over my body while we were sunbathing in the garden.

His parents were out, so no one could see us.

I pulled off his trunks and dared him to swim naked with me in the pool.

After telling him I was on the Pill, he realised what I had in mind and minutes later we lost our virginity, which felt wonderful.

Some would have us believe he did something wrong and “took advantage” of her. But isn't it better that they shared this experience with each other, people they care about and trust?

The next day when we were left alone again by his parents, we couldn’t resist doing it again when we were at the beach.

We had a good time together and are longing to see each other again, but my friends think sex with a cousin is incest and is wrong.

Her friends have adopted a ridiculous prejudice, or are jealous. They are free to not have sex with their cousins, and their cousins are free to turn them down. They should respect her choices, and her ability to seduce her cousin.

The response…

You were both virgins and felt so ­comfortable in each other’s company that you were able to share one of the most special moments of your lives together.

You mustn’t confuse that with love or think it means you’re meant to be together.

You’re young, so why get into a potentially difficult relationship at this stage?

How about people not make it difficult in the first place?

A comment was left by a Ryan Jones…

Stop having intercourse with your cousin.

Perhaps Ryan isn’t getting any, and he doesn’t want anyone else to get any, either?

It is also unhealthy from a genetic standpoint to have intercourse with near relatives ( higher risk of birth defects).

Ah, Discredited Argument #18.

You both have common grandparents,and your parents are siblings.

They are both human beings. So what?

Seek counseling and see other people.

Seek counseling? For a normal, common, healthy sexual experience?

Your parents would be traumatized if they found out.

Oh, that’s a good one.

There aremany other people for you each to both meet and mingle with and one day marry.

And there’s Discredited Argument #21.

Bigotry is alive.

These two should not avoid each other, or stop being together, if that is what they want.
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