Tuesday, March 13, 2012

She's Enjoying Life has reports and discussions from a diversity of people who could benefit from relationships rights, including full marriage equality. Melindagrace is a hotwife in her twenties who wonders why more people don't try what she has tried. Note that "hotwife" usually means a wife that is sexually involved with people other than her spouse, with her spouse's consent (and, often, to the spouse's delight and, sometimes, with the spouse's participation) It isn't for everyone, but is for some...

I have been a hotwife for 2 years and almost since very beginning it was more of a polyandry situation than just a lover and a hotwife. Over time it really get more serious between us until day come that him finally propose and move in with me and my husband to live.

The third person joined the relationship in much the same way monogamous relationships evolve. And like monogamous relationships, our marriage laws should accommodate these relationships so that all three people can be in a marriage, if that is what they want, whether both would be married to Melindagrace, or if they would all be married to each other.

My only wonder is why more hotwife couples don't try it. I know there are risks and there is fear. And polyandry is not for everyone.

But for us it really work and we are all a very happy family.

Some hotwife couples don't want another spouse, or don't want a roommate, or don't even want a steady. Others are worried about discrimination and even the law should they move a lover in. The hotwife thing can be done discreetly with a little more ease (away from home, for example) than being discreet with someone actually living with you. Judgmental family members and neighbors may try to interfere in any way they can, from disinheriting, to spreading gossip, to trying to limit someone's civic participation or employment, or their access to their own children.
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