Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bigots Quick to Bash Bobbi Kistina and Nick Gordon

The finger-wagging love and sex police are out in force, spewing hateful prejudice about the relationship between Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon, who aren't even biologically or legally related.

Victor Gonzalez at has apparently been doing some graverobbing in New Jersey (where genetic siblings are free to have sex without prosecution). How else could he write...

In New Jersey, Whitney Houston is spinning in her grave and violently vomiting over her own corpse, filling the oak casket to the brim. This is the posthumous reaction to news that Bobbi Kristina and her "adopted" brother, Nick Gordon, may be having an "incestuous" affair.
Everyone is making much of what should be nothing to them. Don't people have their own lives to live? Apparently not.

According to TMZ, Kristina and Gordon were spotted affectionately holding hands and locking lips. Houston's mom, Cissy Houston, thinks that's just wrong, telling a friend, "What they're doing is incestuous."
No, it isn't. But Cissy Houston needs to read this anyway.

Gonzalez then goes over a brief history of musicians and their relationships.

Heralded as one of the finest German composers of all time, Johann Sebastian Bach could've snagged any Baroque music groupie with the flick of his conducting baton. Instead, he opted for Maria Barbara Bach, his second cousin.
Hardly worth mentioning. He includes the marriage of first cousins Jerry Lee Lewis (23) and Myra Gale Brown (13). Then gets into the John Phillips-Mackenzie Phillips relationship.

Mackenzie Phillips opened up about her incestuous, drug-fueled relationship with her father a few years ago in her autobiography, High on Arrival.

I wonder if he would also write "drug-fueled walk around the block" or "drug-fueled TV viewing?" Like TV viewing or walks around the blog, people have relationships and sex with or without drugs. also uses this occassion to bash others relationships we all heard about before, such as that of Stepanie Seymour and her son, and Angeline Jolie and her brother.

There are many other outlets reporting on this, including,,, and

Why do these people interfere when people who aren't cheating find comfort with each other? Stop with the jealousy and judgment. Drop your bigotries and realize that just because it isn't something you would admit to wanting, these people enjoy each other. Let them be!
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