Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Defending Stephanie Seymour

(Time to bump this entry up to congratulate Stephanie Seymour on being the the new face of Estée Lauder. ALSO see update at the end.)

Here’s an example of someone trashing the beautiful Stephanie Seymour for daring to be affectionate with her son in public. I’ll edit the quotes slightly to remove language that some people still get upset about.

One of the things that has me saying “Are you f------ stupid?” are the photos of Stephanie Seymour and her son.

She goes on…

The photos do look like she’s making out with her son. A little creepy…yes!

Why is that creepy?

Is it normal for a son to cop a feel of the boobies?

For some people, yes. Jealous?

Turns out her son is gay. Which apparently makes it ok to make out with your hot Mom on a beach.

It’s okay for any adult to be affectionate with any consenting adult on a beach. It should certainly be legal.

My question is, “Are you f------ stupid?”

Maybe they were simply having some minimal affection. Or maybe it is a sign of more. What’s the problem? What’s stupid is trashing others for sharing love and affection.

I have to admit, I’m vey curious to hear your thoughts on the pics.

My thought is that it is too bad that everyone can’t be on such good terms with their parent or child.

February 12, 2014 UPDATE...

This photo shoot has fingers wagging now.
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  1. Some people are defending Stephanie Seymour- (Mom caring son).

    Then what is this?-

    1. I can't remember if the second image is a spoof, but let's assume it is real. So what?

    2. Mom gives sex position to son in bikini and son tries to reply it when mom is in bikini which can`t be named just as mom caring son.I think they are bed partners too where they can do the same thing without clothes.Still I can understand that it`s very difficult especially for a teenage son to avoid his sexual drive when such a sexy mom comes in front of him in bikini.I think she is very sexy so any teenage guy can`t avoid her if she comes in bikini ready with her wonderful asset.When a such sexy mom and her son are doing incest with mutual permission and mutual understanding then I suppose it as a passionate love.

  2. Even though it`s an incest act,it`s OK.I would have done the same thing with her many times in a day.Instead of public place I would have done it at some private place with her many times in a day because she is too sexy to avoid her.I would have done same thing with her every time when she comes in front of me at private place not on public place.

  3. Body gestures of Stephine Seymour and her own son speaks itself.Mom kissing son on a beach and son touching her boobs while kissing and later on she gives sex position and her son.Mom kissing son and giving sex position to son when she is in bikini can`t be a just fun or mom caring son scene.I am not saying she does not care for her son but that smooching and sex position giving to son sounds different.I agree that teenage son can get attracted to his mom sexually but doing this on a beach is not right(I think so).They can do it at some other place like home if she is ready to have sex with son.Son and mom can enjoy each other in bed where they can do it without clothes.In a bed she does not need bikini,she can easily take of her and his clothes and can continue kiss and sex later on comfortably.

  4. It`s not her or his mistake, in fact it`s not a mistake made.It`s very natural for a teenage son to get attracted towards so sexy mom when she is on a bikini.I agree that they knew they were on beach.If Son would have seen Stephanie Seymour on a
    bikini at their home he would have fucked her very hard.It is not done generally,it happens.She is so sexy for not to fuck her when she is on her bikini.They both were knew that they are at public place otherwise real son mom sex would have happened.One thing is sure she is hottest and sexiest milf which any son can dream.

  5. That picture they showed didn't look like she was kissing him. Actually, she was mainly hugging him. HE was the one kissing her, if you ask me. And second of all, he probably did so without thinking of it in a sexual manner. Some people are just able to be more affectionate than others. In our sex focused world, I could see how people would see this a scandalous. But taking a step back and looking at the scene rationally and objectively and you see that there was probably nothing sexual going on there.Anyways, like I said, it looked like it was more him doing the action, and as stated he's gay. Also there would likely be no attraction anyways since she was his mom. I find it highly unlikely that there's anything there to actually whine about.

    Of course, in the event there was something between them, people need to lay off. They need to get a life and keep out of other people's business.

  6. Whether they were just showing some affection for each other or if there is a chance that there is something more going on between them, it is no one's business but theirs. Personally I would be happy if I knew that were intimate with each other, but if people can't be supportive they should just leave them alone.

    -Liz Smith

    1. You are so right, Liz. Always good to hear from you. Email me. I'd like to know how you're doing.

  7. Let me just say, if she was my mom, I wouldn't be gay, and I'd be hot for her all the time

  8. Yeah... well from seeing some old pictures of my mom (model looks) its a good job see didn't have me a few years earlier! Such a situation would have been extremely difficult for me!

  9. It's old news now but I still makes me sad. Mothers and sons can have great sex and it shouldn't be something like my mother got cold feet about and stopped. Sometimes I tease her a little and sometimes it works and were together again. Most of the time I know she won't do it just because, and it so frustrating!


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