Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hate Hurts

Prejudice and bigotry, the kind that opposes things like full marriage equality, hurts. It is destructive.

Here’s a reminder from comments made by someone who is in a consanguinamorous relationship initiated through Genetic Sexual Attraction…

I looked at sites like this months ago, too, and stopped for the very reason you stated.. society reacts with horror and I was getting pretty depressed and scared. I hated reading comments ranging from outrage to extreme disgust from others who have never gone through anything remotely similar and don't even stop to consider the specifics surrounding why this is happening. I already feel like a ... well, an outsider with "wrong" emotions and others reactions which are filled with closed minded negativity rooted in ignorance and mean spirited senses of humor, which typically got worse and more crude and offensive once they banded together, disgusted me right back. It's like High School and we're all picking on the _____ kid and making him completely miserable for our own entertainment. Sad and disappointing.

It is bullying that needs to stop, not loving relationships.

I was a normal person with a normal life before this. I still am. I'm not a deviant and I'm not confused, undereducated, or brainwashed. As a woman, a daughter in this GSA web, I constantly feel the need to fight for my right to be recognized as a stand alone person in charge of her own identity, future, and choices. I'm not a feeble minded little girl (I'm almost 30) who doesn't understand what's going on as her dad, who apparently knows better, takes advantage of her. Gross! That tastes like abuse to me and is so far from the truth it's not even funny.

Those who deny the consanguineous freedom to marry, especially those who support laws criminalizing consanguineous sex, often try to justify their prejudice by citing abuse. But these are loving, mutual relationships and have nothing to do with predatory abuse. The person I quoted has long been an adult and is obviously intelligent and capable of making decisions. Why shouldn’t she be free to have a relationship with any other consenting adult, even if that adult is her biological father?
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  1. Bullying is bullying in any form. It's mostly I think working at the root of the problem...maybe the bullying aspect would make things better. If we have more bullying awareness taught to younger might correct some things.

    LOL you wouldn't believe how many people I talk to that pull the "abuse" card when I have constantly told them that it's not all like that. Yet, they still claim that "IT"S ALL ABUSE!!" Closed minded...all I can say...and I mostly just call it quits when they obviously ignore what I tell them. Even though I get annoyed at closed minded people, I try to see where they are coming from, as if they may have a point...but time and time again... I never find one... o.o

  2. Some people will never budge, and once we figure that out, it is best not to waste time on them. What we're going for are the people who CAN learn and reconsider. THEY will come around and support equality.

    One thing you can try is asking someone who thinks it is always abuse about twins... same-sex twins. If they make love with each other, who is the abuser? And what is the harm?

  3. Agreed. The other closed minded people will come around as soon as most people have reconsidered and society changes. Those closed minded people don't want to be left in the dark, that's for sure. I still they they would pull some abuse argument as like one of them forced it :/ but I guess it's worth a shot :3


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