Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Haters in Indonesia Looking For Excuse to Stone Lovers

I like my headline better than the (I’m assuming) unintentionally funny headline of Incestuous Siblings Expose Holes in Aceh's Shariah Law.” (Yes, inside every grown man there is a little boy who will sometimes enjoy that kind of humor.)

An incestuous relationship between a brother and sister in sternly religious Aceh is the newest unconventional relationship to test the limits of the province’s Shariah law, which fails to consider the possibility, authorities there said.

The incestuous relationship was discovered when it was revealed that a child born to 30-year-old Y.W. was fathered by her 34-year-old brother, M.N.

They are both adults. What is the problem?

Muddasir, the head of Southwest Aceh’s Public Order Agency (Satpol PP), said that the siblings are residents of a remote village in Susoh subdistrict. He said that M.N. was single, while Y.W. was a divorcee with two children.

Since the birth of the child, the siblings have been under protection of their local village head to protect them from reprisals from angry neighbors.

What are the neighbors angry about?

But the case has left local Shariah authorities in a quandary.

“We are really confused because there are no rules in qanun Shariah [Shariah bylaw] that discuss incest,” Muddasir said.


“We can’t marry them because they’re blood related and according to Islamic Shariah, they have to be stoned to death, but there are no legal grounds in Aceh to condone that,” he said.

Stoned to death? What century is this again?

The incestuous siblings were outed to village officials by a man who said he loaned the pair funds to have the baby delivered.


The brother and sister were originally taken to the police, but were released due to a lack of laws regarding incest.

How about a law saying it is none of anyone else’s business?

“They told us that the incestuous sex took place in 2010 when M.N. came into his sister’s bedroom, asking her to give him a massage,” Muddasir said.

“Y.W. said they only did it once but I think it had to be more than once, because they live in the same house,” he added.

The baby, born two months ago, was adopted by a military officer in Meulaboh, Muddasir said. The child’s sex was unknown.

No mention of any problems with the child. I wonder why the child was adopted? Protection from the angry thugs? But then, if they didn’t have the money for the delivery, they likely wouldn’t have the money to provide for the child.

“I hope they would ask God’s forgiveness for their sins,” Muddasir said.

What about all of the people who waste their precious time in this life worrying about the love lives of other people? Should they ask for forgiveness, too?

This is not the first time that Mudassir has had to acknowledge the limits of Aceh’s Islamic bylaws. In August, he admitted he was clueless about how to handle a case involving the marriage of two lesbians.

How about with a wedding gift?

The two women were eventually forced to separate with the promise that they would never see each other again.

What a pile of manure. We need more love in this world, not less! Let people be themselves and be with the people they love. I promise it won’t cause more natural disasters.

marko got it right…

"Since the birth of the child, the siblings have been under protection of their local village head to protect them from reprisals from angry neighbors" - is this now a passtime sport in Indonesia??? lets freak out over nothing that concerns us?

Make a new law in Indonesia called "mind your own Fuc**** affairs"

Good idea.

If you want your religion, you should be free to practice it as long as you don’t hurt anyone else. An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults.
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