Thursday, September 22, 2011

Casting Call

Check out this casting call.

Casting Call Information
City: New York Area
State: CT, NJ, NY, PA

Seeking married or committed couples in their 20's-30's whose pairing may seem "taboo", "unorthodox", or "unusual" to people who don't know you. We are out to prove that true love can take many different forms, and we'd like you to share your story to prove it.

This is a pilot for a major cable network. The episode will feature two couples who are living in total bliss and in love with each other BUT whose relationship might be considered unusual by others. It could be the way you met, an odd living situations, polyamorous relationships, a seemingly mis-matched couple, an perfectly arranged marriage, AS LONG AS YOU ARE DEEPLY IN LOVE.

Ideally we would find married couples, but a deeply committed relationship will be considered.

New Jersey does not prosecute consanguinamorous relationships, at least that was so the last I checked. However, there is always a risk in coming out, especially on television. The write-up seems supportive, but you never know, especially with "reality" television. Things get edited the way THEY want.

This could help reach full marriage equality, it could hurt. Be very cautious if you contact them. I do think we need to get more polyamory and consanguinamory (and LGBT) representation on TV, but I also support the decision to stay in the closet out of caution.
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