Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Sun Needs to be Eclipsed

The Sun took advantage of the Finlyason case to kick around lovers Nick Cameron and Danielle Healey again, while also calling the Finlayson’s “sick” and “twisted” again. Hey Sun, you bigotry is showing.

TWISTED Richard and Kirsty Finlayson are not the first Scots siblings to be prosecuted for incest.

And there are many, many more consanguinamorous relationships that aren’t prosecuted, and even more that aren’t known to authorities at all. No consensual adult relationships should be prosecuted, regardless of consanguity.

Half-brother and sister Nick Cameron and Danielle Healey started a sordid affair after meeting for the first time in 2006.

Sordid? Love is not sordid.

They were found in a naked clinch by their horrified mum and admitted the fling at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court.

I'm not a fan of lying, but ridiculous investigations are much worse than lying. So, consider lying if you are asked a stupid question about consensual adult relationships, when it may protect against unjust prosecution or conviction. Witnesses should lie to thwart unjust prosecutions, detectives and prosecutors should stop bothering with consensual sex cases, judges should toss out such cases, juries should go for "not guilty" nullification of such cases, and legislators should remove laws criminalizing consensual sex.

Despite being banned from having sex, the couple set up home together in Glenrothes, Fife.

Can you imagine? Someone telling grown adults they can't have sex? The law enforcement people doing that have to feel rather silly. They should be embarrassed to say such things. News editors should also get over the fact that other people are having better sex and love lives than they are, and stop playing to the bigots.

An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults. That includes relationships that are incestuous, or rather, consanguinamorous.
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  1. Was this in the U.S? I'd be super mad if it was >:[!!
    This is a news article? I don't think they are even allowed to say demeaning stuff about it like that...although no one really cares cuz everyone agrees with them V_V

    Sordid? Really...I don't see how they could even claim that because that means "morally base" and who's, especially in a news article, allowed to say what is morally base? I thought that they have to show both sides of the story...

    LOL "News editors should also get over the fact that other people are having better sex and love lives than they are..." xD *round of applause* Stick it to the man! xD They just be jellin'!

    People hate when others have the guts to do something they never they call them out on it...losers...V_V xD I also bet if blacks were still prejudiced against today and someone had an interracial relationship with one...the media would mostly portray it in a negative light. But no one would dare do such a thing today...Why can't they see past their own two feet o.o?

  2. LOL sorry it's in Scotland...I didn't take to mind the "scots siblings" line >.>


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