Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Harassing Newspaper Notes Effect of Harassment

The Sun continues to exploit and perpetuate the persecution a woman prosecuted for having consensual sex. She has now been forced from her home by bigoted, ignorant thugs.

Kirsty Finlayson fled after locals smashed windows and threw bottles at her flat in a five-day campaign of terror.

Residents in Rigside, Lanarkshire, turned on the 18-year-old after her sordid romp with brother Richard, 21, was revealed last weekend.

The Sun could have made a positive difference by covering the original matter in a different manner. They could have encouraged sympathy for someone who was prosecuted for having consensual sex. Instead, they pile on to a mob that includes people making death threats, continuing to call the consensual sex “sordid.”

Last night one neighbour raged: "It is disgusting.

"Folk around here are sickened and will not stand for it.

"Some people started smashing her windows last Saturday night and she has left the house."

Another resident added: "People are disgusted. It is against nature."

How convenient that we don’t have their names and the details of their sex lives. And ‘against nature”? That resident no doubt has ancestry that includes incestuous relationships. I see Discredited Arguments #1 and 5 were both invoked.

Police said they were investigating allegations of vandalism.

The vandals are actually causing harm. Consensual sex doesn’t, in and of itself. The vandals should be in jail, not anyone who did nothing more than have consensual sex.

This is why we need full marriage equality and laws that protect the rights of adults to love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults. That includes protection from bullies. There are certainly people at The Sun who have engaged in consanguineous sex, and perhaps are in consanguinamorous relationships right now. Same goes for the mob of vandals. Stop the hate already.

Kirsty Finlayson and Richard Finlayson, we support you and denounce the unjust prosecution and mob attacks against you.
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  1. oh my gosh that is so had been having bad feelings about 'what if people found out about an incestuous relationship...How would they react?...'

    Surprisingly, I figured no different than people would smash their windows and bully them to the point where they have to leave their own house. I nailed it :( and I find it sad that my thoughts actually are a good representation of what happens in reality...This is so wrong.

    People claim that these two are so disgusting and sordid and wrong...but they need to take a serious look at themselves. Who is bullying two people so badly that they are forced to leave their home? Don't even get me started on the death threats I'm sure they have received. Really?? They think these two are in the wrong? WHo's really in the wrong, someone who loves their brother or someone who bullies and wants to hurt someone just BECAUSE they love their brother. I'm sorry but GROW THE F UP! And I'm not one to curse but seriously...they are taking things way too far.

    Have you done anything about this. Writing to the newspaper or something! Is there anything I can do? :(???

  2. ya wanna know what's even more sad? If these people were a lot more "beautiful" in people's wouldn't be so much of a problem. People love beautiful people, they look up to them...rather sad.
    I think most of these people are just judging them based off their looks...what the heck man. "Naturally" we all look like "slobs" what is the big deal?

    1. The funny thing is, they actually DO look better than that. They just don't have great teeth. Catch them under different lighting with different expressions, and this is what you get:

  3. You're right, VJJ... and I try to comment on the websites when I can. I should start writing letters to the editors.

  4. I wrote an email to THE SUN about this. I don't know if they read em or not... They probably get tons a day. You have better writing skills than I do, so yes, you definitely should start writing letters to the editor! :)


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