Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Conan the Barbarian

Has anyone seen the new “Conan the Barbarian?” It’s not doing well at the box office. But once again, consensual incest is cast in a negative light, which is completely unnecessary. The implication is that the father-daughter villains enjoy each other in that manner…

CRAVE Online: Once in a while there’s a moment in this movie where it feels like [the filmmakers] are trying to make Conan pretty likable. There’s that scene where [Anozie] talks about what a big heart you have, how loyal you are, and then there’s a scene where it’s like, “Is Rose McGowan @#$%ing her dad?!” It’s an interesting contrast. Did you want that contrast or were you focused on making your story really serious?

Jason Momoa: You know, when I saw it, it was creepy as @#$%. It’s creepy as %$#@, and that’s what you want, is creeped out…

Hey, Hollywood! There are people who are enjoying or have enjoyed consanguinamory who are also people you admire. They don’t tell many people because of attitudes like this, but they are everywhere. In some cases, there are fathers and their adult daughters who have experimented with each other without turning into villains, and others who have formed lasting, non-creepy marital relationships. There are lasting consanguinamorous relationships that are loving and beautiful, and if you were to depict one the right way, it might be a movie that brings in much more money than this one. Think of the word of mouth.

Come on, Hollywood, I dare you! Let us see a love story about adults who are happy together who face bullying and prosecution simply because of their love for one another.
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  1. Agreed! >:D!!! Did you write a letter to the producers explaining this? o.o LOL I like the bomb picture although it is a bad thing :( Ohhh and thanks for posting that link of "porn free incest discussion." looks very interesting and I will check it out in my free time! One of the others had a lot of spam xD

  2. PFI is a good forum, though if you don't introduce yourself right after registering, they kick you out. Also, at least one of the moderators there freaked out when I mentioned polyamory. Go figure.

    ILForum is a good one, but you have to write a few posts before they let you see the whole site. Last I checked, they were having technical problems, so I searched the name and found they are temporarily using their old location. is ONLY for discussing that which falls into the narrow GSA definition, certainly not incest between people who grew up together. The other two "incest" forums near the top of the list include the one with the yellow color scheme that is overrun with spam (as you saw) and I should remove it from my list... And the other forum with the blue color scheme that isn't bad.

    If you find other, active, free forums please let me know. Thanks!


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