Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Considering Consanguinamory

aidencorbett writes in this blog posting about looking for sex, and the hypothetical of finding it with a close relative.

But that’s not an issue when you have the one person you truly love. A person that’s around for the better or worse.. better yet, there for you whenever you even think about “making love”.

That may be all good and true.. but what if the relationship was that of an incest one? Would the love and conditions be approachable for that matter? Would the rules apply?

Which rules? If someone wants to know if they should have sex with someone, here are my suggestions for deciding. One should treat others with respect, sex or not.

While it’s a complicated relationship, it still has its pro and cons.

There are definitely benefits to consanguinamory.

People often find the idea of an incest relationship as being repulsive, but what if we put ourselves in their shoes? Would it feel different?

You don’t have to want to do something yourself to grasp the idea that different people like different things and can have relationships you wouldn’t want.

Would the sex be better?

Many people report that nothing else compares.

Incest relationships have been doomed to fail, as to why most religions look down on such relationships.

Not sure what is meant by that. Consanguinamorous relationships are not doomed to fail. Some last exactly as long as they should, including until death. Some religions condemn such relationships, along with many other relationships and things like dancing or women not covering their ankles.

When it comes to getting laid.. does it matter if that it’s with a person of relation to ones self or for a bigger issue, being in an incest relationship? Do we put too much strain on ourselves just to get laid? Is sex the new religion to which an incest relationship is of no big deal?

Sounds like AC is dealing with some heavy personal contemplations.

For some, it is just about “getting laid.” For some others, it is about a lifelong romance that leads naturally to making love. And many others fall somewhere between. To each his own. An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with ANY consenting adults without fear of prosecution, persecution, or discrimination.
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