Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prejudice Leads to Ridiculous Statements

Here’s a sickening story of alleged abuse out of Anderson County, Texas. Stick with me on this. This is relevant to this blog’s topic.

A fourth person has been arrested in connection to a child sexual assault case involving an East Texas preacher.

Karen Sapp, 25, is charged with injury to a child.

Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor says Sapp knew the girl was being assaulted and did not report the abuse.

Someone who knows a child is being abused and does nothing about it is a horrible person. Someone who is supposed to have your back and stands by as you are abused or assaulted is a horrible, horrible person.

A case that began with a young girl's preacher, 68-year-old, Larry Gene Martin, who's accused of molesting her at the family's home.

At the time, Martin, who pastored at Faith Bible Church in Palestine, was living at the child's home with her parents and two brothers.

As the investigation continued, Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor says her parents became suspects.

Why? This is why…

Sheriff Taylor believes [her parents] encouraged the relationship.

If that is true, they are evil people. And that's not a relationship. That's a crime.

Authorities say the child was yet again failed by a close, family friend.

According to court documents, authorities collected photographs and computer chats that implies Sapp knew of the abuse, but did not report it.

That would also be evil.

Here comes the part of the article that baffles me.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this case, says Taylor, are allegations of incest.

"There is some allegations that some sexual assault occurred between--or sexual contact between her and her next to the oldest brother, which is a little younger than her.”

So if she and her brother, who is younger than her and thus a minor, had sex, that is supposed to be the worst of it? Even if it was assault, how could be worse than her own parents, who are supposed to protect her, encouraging some creepy old minister to rape her? If she had loving sex with her younger brother, and that’s what I hope it was, it would be some much-needed comfort, given that the adults around her were allegedly such monsters. Yet, it is presented by law enforcement and journalists as somehow the worst part about the whole thing. That is what bigotry towards consanguineous sex does.

It would have been nice if the journalists had gotten Taylor to clarify whether the situation with her brother was a matter of sex or if it was assault. There’s an enormous difference between those things, even if bigots like to pretend consanguineous sex is abuse.

If these four adults are guilty, they should do some hard time. If she and her brother end up together, they shouldn't even have so much as a funny look from the authorities.
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