Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bigots and Allies React to Finlayson Case

There’s much reaction to the case of the adult brother and sister who were recorded on video having consensual sex, and subsequently prosecuted in Scotland. In this football forum there were some hateful responses. Then Mark7 wrote…

I don't see what the problem is.

At the time I checked, nobody offered an actual disagreement.

From The Sun’s discussion area comes these comments.

testing_testing asked…

If a brother and sister are caught having consensual (but incestuous) sex...
…shouldn't BOTH be put on the Sex Offenders Register?

Neither should. But the commenter has a good question…

Is this further proof of double standards, a two-tier “his and hers” legal system, and unfairly soft sentences for women (or unfairly harsh sentences for men) based on nothing but the sex of the offender?

I suggest it is.

It is the old, “Women don’t like sex, she must somehow be a victim” thing, even though she was prosecuted as well.

C73 felt comfortable in expressing bigotry…

BOTH should go on the list ..and how disgusting are they ewwwyell...

I wonder if everyone else would approve of everything about C73’s love life… that is, if C73 has one.

There are lots of hateful, bigoted comments. Here’s another from Missgoody2shoes…

OMG...That's disgusting!

I have an older brother and the thought of having sex with him makes my skin crawl!!

So what? Some people are disgusted by the thought of having sex with someone of a different race. Do they spout off about it and hurl names at those who do have interracial relationships? If so, we rightly call them bigots.


I think your all being a bit harsh, maybe she wanted a good rooting, and he was the only one around, you know if your got an itch and you need to scratch it, you just gotta scratch it.

Maybe. Or maybe they’re in love. Either way, it shouldn’t be a crime.

There’s no shortage of hateful comments, including from Missvicki, Strong, Trueenglishwoman, and others.

Trilateral invoked Discredited Argument #18.

Then kingsredcoat finally wrote…

I don't know anything about the case but, on the basis of the OP, no I do not think they should be put on the sex offenders register. I do not think it is in the public interest to waste taxpayers money putting people through the courts because they have sex with an adult, consenting, relative.

I for one do not sleep safer at night knowing the limited resources of the criminal justice system are being used to prosecute people who are doing no harm to anyone, and I have absolutely no time whatsover for people who think that something should be outlawed just because it appears to them to be somewhat distasteful, or strange, or 'sick'.

Thank you.

eurodevil2009 agreed.

kingsredcoat made another comment…

What you fail to understand is that just because I might find something distasteful does not mean I think it ought to be against the law.

I do not want to have sex with any of my relatives, but if some people do go in for that sort of thing then it seems to be it's none of your business what consenting adults want to do that in the privacy of their own bedroom. In this case then, the only thing the people did wrong was to do it in public.

This blog entry noted the case, and there were comments left.

Insolitus made sense...

Jailtime for public sex? A tad harsh, isn't it? Also, what exactly is the point of putting him, and only him, on the sex offenders' register? He gave a consenting adult woman £20 after sex. So that makes him such a menace to society the people around him should be made aware of it? Such a mad world we live in!

SteveC said...

It wasn't just a two randy adults, they are brother and sister. Big difference.

How so?

Insolitus came back with…

I don't see why this kind of incest should be a crime. Personally I find the thought of brother and sister having sex together beyond icky, but how I feel has no relevance as long as they are both adults and there is consent.

Thank you.

Insolitus later added…

Also, why should they be prevented from having a kid? Sure, their child would be at a higher risk of genetic disorders, but then so are children of older mothers and especially people with already diagnosed genetic disorders. Dwarves, the deaf and the depressed, none of them are legally prevented from having children, so what makes incestious couples such a special case?

Anonymous hid and cast bigot stones…

Okay, i have a sibling and i would rather go blind then have a sexual act with them.

Then don’t.

The reason the brother is put on the sex offenders list is because if someone is that sick in the head to have sex with his sister god only knows what he would do with other females.

Why is it sick? Where is the evidence he has forced himself on anyone? This kind of bigotry is like saying an older woman with a younger man is sick, and who knows what else she would do if she is willing to have sex with a younger man.

It is sad that there is so much prejudice and bigotry out there. I’d prefer to live in a world where more siblings were doing this as opposed to bickering.
— — —


  1. Well, I'm glad there was some sensible people. There usually always are a few in articles that are considered "wrong, scandoulous, or improper." But yeah...most of the comments are bigots...that happens on ALL articles that deal with a prejudice that most people consider "okay to have."
    LOL I agree with kingsredcoat. Those people that only want to punish people based on their prejudices aren't worth our time. They are the ones missing out on the beauty of life anyway. They can go back into their "safe" herd of society, but everyone grazes on that grass...that grass is greener on the other side :)

  2. eurodevil2009 agreed.
    "Those people that only want to punish people based on their prejudices aren't worth our time."
    Totally agree.
    Generally speaking i have no patience for what i call "useful idiots". The Govt and media (The Daily Mail now wants automatic bans on internet porn because..) it seems to me will whip up some kind of euphoria and the usual suspects will jump right in with their illogical hate/paranoia. For example, whilst i have no need for internet porn and never resort to it, i object to any excuse being used to erode civil liberties. In the UK, children are usually the excuse for those with a social engineering/controlling agenda...
    The sheeples of the UK, it seems to me are accustomed to nannying and usually fall for it. EG Recently viewed a documentary about Gambling. So many Gambling outlets especially in deprived areas, high interest loans on every street corner, pawn shops... A few of the participants were begging for legislation to stop them gambling. Err - what about self control, self determination and taking responsibility? Another one at the moment is Welfare Reform. Notice how much is blamed on "scroungers"? Is the debt crisis the fault of the "scrounger"? I pointed out (to T Kavanagh) that 50+ years of Welfare had not bankrupted the Country, the bankers managed that in a decade (as labour freed them to act carelessly with other peoples' money)
    Personally, i am in favour of less govt, less laws. The only laws and state intervention, i want to see are the most crucial ones. If someone is not harming me or anyone else, i see no reason to worry about it and see no reason for any Govt involvement.
    A classic one is involves ID cards. If you have nothing to hide, you will want to carry one, says the average sheeple. I know that, but i ask, WHY does the govt want to do this? What is their real agenda?
    We are not all bigots...


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