Friday, September 9, 2011

Bigots Make Death Threats Over Consensual Sex

The Sun continued its bigoted coverage of the Finlaysons, trying to make it seem as though there is something wrong with love and sex between consenting adults. This time, they bother the mother of the lovers and they get a professor to wag his finger, too.

THE shattered mum of a brother and sister caught having sex in a train station lift told last night how her world collapsed after discovering their shocking crime.

Sounds like she should have read this. It not too late.
"My first thoughts were, 'What have they done?'. My second thought was that we were all going to be attacked."

Then stand up for them!

Richard and Kirsty were both released on bail and are due to return to court next month for sentencing. And Jacqueline revealed her family had been left living in terror after being targeted with death threats — forcing Richard to flee the country.

Death threats... for having sex as consenting adults! The bigotry and hatred is astounding. The police should be going after people who make death threats, not people who have consensual sex.

Vince Egan, a Forensic Psychologist, should be commenting about the bigots who care so much about stopping other people from having sex. Instead, he says...

Biologically it is an absolute no-no. It can lead to a series of mental handicaps and genetic defects.

Ah, Discredited Argument #18.

Relationships between brother and sister where both parties are willing participants are extremely rare.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Not true. It is very common when it comes to youthful experimentation, and a somewhat less common if it starts later in adulthood, but just about everyone knows someone who has had consanguineous sex; the lovers often stay quiet about it. And do it in private, not public places with cameras watching.

Most brothers and sisters would be revolted by the prospect of sleeping with one another, even if they recognise the attractiveness of each other.

And most men are revolted at the prospect of sleeping with another man, but so what? If you don't want to do it, don't. But don't try to stop other people from sharing love, sex, and marriage.

In incidents like this the family set-up should be examined very closely.

Quite possibly one party is more vulnerable.

That's pretty much Discredited Argument #20.

An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with ANY consenting adults, and should be protected from death threats and other hate crimes.
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  1. People are posting death threats? D: Omg that's horrible. What is wrong with people. The sheer prejudice...even worse that they have no "VALID" argument as to why they "hate" incest.
    This reminds me of the prejudice against insects actually. Most people go "ewwww, gross" (like how people react to incest) or they scream or something stupid. And then they start shouting to "KILL IT!" (like people are doing with the death threats) (*sigh* brings back some incidents last year...)Makes me so sad :( I try to save them critters too from the sheer bigotry. I can't blame them people too much though, I used to have a prejudice against insects too.
    But still, reminds me of other types of prejudices...ooooo like that one where they were just starting to desegregate the schools in the U.S. There was a picture of a black girl going into the Little Rock school and this lady was RAGING at her in the background. >.> sad times...sad times.
    Keep making posts on this blog! You are standing up people that others normally wouldn't :)


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