Monday, September 19, 2011

Update on Consanguinamorous Indonesian Siblings

Here's and update on a sibling couple I wrote of in this previous entry. They haven't been stoned, but they have been banished. What is this, "Monsters, Inc?"

A brother and sister who had a child together have been banished from their Aceh village, despite officials struggling to find an offense to charge them with under the province’s Shariah legal code.

The couple — 34-year-old M.N. and his sister, Y.W., a 30-year-old divorcee with two children — were told they were no longer welcome in their village in Susoh subdistrict in Southwest Aceh.

Someone ratted them out, remember.

But Muddasir, the head of Southwest Aceh’s Shariah Police, said there was no bylaw explicitly prohibiting incest.

“After consulting with local community and religious leaders, we decided that the brother and sister must be banished from their village, because what they did brought shame to the community,” Muddasir said.

I'd be ashamed of archaic attitudes towards sex, not that siblings actually loved each other.

“This is a customary sanction and is a lifetime banishment. They are forbidden from returning to the village, except if their parents or family members die, and then only for 10 days of mourning; afterward, they have to leave.”

Might be the best thing to happen to them besides each other, because it doesn't sound like a great place to live.

The pair were also ordered to separate.

Good luck enforcing that, geniuses, since they won't be in your jurisdiction any more.

Best wishes to the siblings. May they ignore the village-full-of-idiots and follow their bliss.
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  1. LOL "Good luck enforcing that, geniuses, since they won't be in your jurisdiction anymore.' xD classic idiocy.

    Yeah, I don't think I'd want to live in a place where you could get stoned either o.o I have read poems and stuff on that topic...very horrifying and painful.>.>


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