Thursday, June 27, 2013

Utah Charges Consenting Adults in Victimless Crime

Utah, the only US state I know of that criminalizes polyamory, is demonstrating another waste of taxpayer resources by prosecuting two consenting adults for loving each other. Erin Alberty reports at about what could be a case of Genetic Sexual Attraction...
A Bluffdale woman and her father have been charged with incest pursuant to allegations they had a sexual relationship.

Who complained? Who was harmed? Why is this a criminal matter?
The woman, who was raised by adoptive parents, was 21 when she met her biological father in 2010, police wrote in charges filed Monday.

He did not raise her. She has sociological parents. He's not one of them. There was no chance she was "groomed" by him. They are CONSENTING ADULTS. Why is this a criminal matter???
A year later they began having sex.
A... year later. How many 21-year-olds wait a year before having sex with someone? She could legally consent to sex with an older man who was a complete stranger, but not this man?

Now 24 and 52, respectively, the daughter and father, who lives in West Jordan, were charged with two counts each of third-degree felony incest. Police allege both of them knew of their biological connection.
Again, who complained??? Someone was probably jealous and ratted them out, is my guess. Law enforcement personnel should have said "So what?" and let them be. Any judge who gets this case should toss it out.

There is no good reason these adults should be denied their relationship rights or denied their right to marry. This is yet another example of why the US needs nationwide relationship rights and full marriage equality sooner rather than later.
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  1. The US judicial system is broken. Punishing adult consensual relationships of any kind is an atrocity. The Gov't should stay out of marriage, out of the bedroom & stop persecuting victim-less crimes. One day science will show that there's little free will, if any - & GSA will be better & more widely understood, especially in courts of law. Until then injustice prevails & destroys lives & families.


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