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The Libertine

After I interviewed Chrissy, her friend Tiffany agreed to an interview.

Tiffany is a 20 year old university student in America and describes herself as half Latina, half Native American. She is majoring in Philosophy, and hopes to become a Professor one day. She has no kids.

Most of the interviews I have done have been with people who are in love and in closed relationships and want to marry their lover(s) and are prevented by discrimination that still remains in marriage law. Tiffany just wants to keep her very active sex life, some of which remains illegal in much of this country.

While many people will find her sex life (and this explicit interview below - you are warned) shocking, as I always say what one person wants for herself another might not want for himself. Regardless, adults should be free to share sex with any consenting adults.

As always, the opinions expressed by the interviewee are those of the interviewee, not necessarily those of this blog.


FULL MARRIAGE EQUALITY: When and how did you realize you were bisexual? Do you consider yourself polyamorous? When did you realize you were polyamorous?

Tiffany: I'm not sure. I've liked boys and girls ever since I can remember. I am definitely polyamorous. I'm a complete nymphomaniac, and I need to make love to as many people as possible.

FME: Do you live with your family?

Yes, I live with my parents. I forced them to let me pay a little rent so I wouldn't feel guilty.

FME: How do you know Chrissy and what's your involvement with her?

Chrissy and I have been best friends since we were in elementary school together, and we became lovers when we were in middle school. She fell in love with her husband about 4 years ago, and I took a fancy to him too, and the 3 of us kind of share each other. I'm in sort of a relationship with them, and also with both of my parents. It's terrific to have friends who live the same kind of life I do.

FME: How did you start having sex with your parents? Are they your biological parents?

They are both my real parents. Ever since I started having sex, my mom and I would always talk about our sex lives. My parents have an open marriage, and mom and I would always have these long talks about the boys (and girls) I had sex with, and she'd tell me all about her orgies and all the hot guys she'd conquered. I remember that the boys I was bringing home were always telling me how hot they thought my mom was, and one day, I brought this guy home and on a whim I invited my mom to join us, which she did.

So, we had a threesome with the guy, and it was so fun and naughty, and after he left, I had sex with mom alone, and it was wonderful. I'd always thought she was beautiful, but I would have felt weird asking her to make love to me, so it was an enormous relief to discover that she didn't mind, and in fact enjoyed it. We told my father that the two of us had made love, and then mom shocked me by asking if I wanted to have sex with him, too.

I spent my early childhood in what people would probably call a hippie commune, so I was used to seeing and hearing about all kinds of sexual acts, including incest, but I was sort of nervous and embarrassed when I thought about making love to my dad, though I really wanted to. They let me think about it, and that weekend, I told them yes, and while I was incredibly nervous, daddy made it all melt away by giving me the greatest sex I'd had up until that point. Having sex with an experienced man instead of a guy who was still a teenager was far better, and I remember him giving me orgasm after orgasm. It's one of my best memories. He spent half the day making love to me until I practically collapsed, and the next day I had a threesome with both of my parents, which was also incredible.

From that point, we became permanent lovers, and I had sex with them as much as I possibly could. I would have sex with either one or both of them literally every morning before going to class. I would often wake up to either mom or daddy giving me h---, or if I'd wake up first then I'd sneak into their room and get on top of daddy and start riding him. We'd always make love in bed, then sometimes I'd take a shower with them and have another quickie, and often we'd do it again in the kitchen or living room before I left for class.

FME: Is this "family-with-benefits?"

It is family with benefits. I have many lovers, and as I said, I'm in a relationship of sorts with Chrissy and her mate, and they often join me when I'm having sex with my parents. I plan to keep making love to mom and dad as long as they want.

FME: Describe what your love/sex life looks like for a week or for a month.

As I said, on a day when I have class and am home, I'll usually wake up to my mom or dad [doing cunnilingus], which is their fun little way of waking me up. We're all early birds, so we'll have sex for a couple of hours, then I'll go to school, and since my classes are pretty spaced out, I'll have sex again with one of my friends. This may sound arrogant, but I'm a pretty girl with large natural breasts, so every cute guy at university wants to f--- me, and I usually take one or more of them to their dorm or a bathroom and have sex with them until my next class. Then when school is over, I'll usually go see some friends or a f---buddy and have sex with them. Sometimes I'll sleep over or bring them to my place, where we may have sex alone or with my parents, if they're home. If I'm home at night by myself, sometimes I'll leave mom and daddy alone, and sometimes we'll make passionate love all night. I often sleep in their bed, and sometimes they sleep with me in mine.

My friends and I will go to sex clubs a lot looking for new partners, and I have sex with a lot of people I meet in everyday life.

FME: Are there family members or close relatives you want to have sex with, but haven't yet?

Haha, I'd like to do it with my older sister, but she swears that she's completely straight. She doesn't live with us, but she began having sex with daddy shortly after I did, but it was right before she moved out. She does it with him every time she comes to visit.

FME: How does sex with family members compare to sex with others? What is the wildest thing you have participated in or witnessed?

Sex with someone you care about is always more fun. The wildest thing would be this. There's this sex club that my friends and I frequent, and you can sign up to be a sex slave for a night, or multiple nights. They put you in a room, and people can pay to come in and do anything they want to you, besides hit you, of course, though I don't mind if they spank me. They basically use you like a f---toy, and while a lot of girls would find that degrading, I love to be dominated, and it's an enormous amount of fun. It pays a bit of money, and I do it about once a month.

FME: Who outside your family knows the full, true nature of your relationships and sexual orientation and how did they find out? How have they reacted?

Many people. All of my friends, their families, my entire family. Everyone's fine with it. My dad is an amazing lover, so a lot of my girlfriends love to have sex with him, and my mom is gorgeous (and has big boobs) so my guy friends love f---ing her.

FME: In addition to the sex,  do you think family members have some things better or some advantages that unrelated lovers might not? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages?

When the sex is over, you actually have something to talk about. There have been no disadvantages for me.

FME: What would you say to someone reading this who doesn't believe this is for real?

The exact same thing that Megan said. They need to get out more.

FME: What advice do you have to someone who is curious or has romantic or sexual feelings for a close relative?

Just ask them. You'll always regret the things you didn't do more.

FME: Do you know in-person others who have had relationships like yours with their family members?

Several friends are in incestuous relationships.

FME: Anything else you want to add?

I'd like to add that I find the age of consent law in America ridiculous. There's this fallacious belief that if you have sex with someone below 18 then you're taking advantage of them. I had sex before age 18, and I knew exactly what I was doing, and now, at 20 years old, I don't regret it in the least. I have friends who come from places where the age of consent law is much lower, and I hope that it gets lowered here soon. While of course, having sex with a child is wrong, having sex with a teenager is completely fine in my eyes. My grandparents actually met when he was 15 and she was 22, and they're still together and in love.


Thanks you to Tiffany for taking the time and effort to do this interview. If you'd like to be interviewed, you can contact me at Facebook or by emailing fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com.
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  1. I loved reading this. Tiffany is one of my lovers, and the sweetest girl I've ever met. She told me about doing this interview, and I'm glad she's being so open about her life. Most people would regard someone like her negatively, but she's one of my best friends, and couldn't possibly be a nicer person. I've had sex with her and her parents many times, and they have a beautiful, loving relationship.

  2. Letters to penthouse called, they're planning to sue for violating their patent on over the top outrageous sexual fiction.

    1. Sometimes I can verify the events described in the interviews, sometimes I can't. With some of my interviews, I've witnessed the events myself. This is not one of those interviews. If my interview subject was making it up, they could have done a better job of lying. It is entirely possible that this person has this life. Do I think people like this are common? No. They are very rare. But they exist. All I can guarantee is that I have not fabricated this. Whether my subject did or not, I can't be sure.

    2. Only recreants accuse people of lying without basis. I know Tiffany, and she left out quite a bit about her sex life. Don't take out your frustration on others just because your life is dull.

    3. Everyone wave at the sock puppet

    4. Tiffany came off a tad cocky she needs to chill one tiny bit.

  3. Where is this? In the US? Also can you do an update on her

    1. Ya I would like to know as well

  4. Tiffany`s account is most disturbing as it states quite defiantly that she will have sex with anybody because she wants sex with everybody. I say good luck to her and she is probably wonderfully sexy in bed but her life is too much for anyone to correspond with the depths of her basic sexuality to obtain genuine motivation other than to sleep with everyone she meets.


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