Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where to Discuss Consanguinamory

I am updating and bumping up this entry.

I welcome comments here. So when I write about consanguinamory (consensual incest) you can comment here. But if you want to find a discussion forum for these topics, where do you go?

Kindred Spirits is a great, free, welcoming discussion forum about consanguinamory. Porn is not allowed. Advice is not given in the forum discussions; you might get some through private messages. Please read the rules and introduce yourself within the time limit of registering.

Penny 4 Your Thoughts is another great, free, discussion forum. much like Kindred Spirits. It was formerly known as "Porn Free Incest" or "Incest Therapy" and has a new location. Please read the rules and introduce yourself within the time limit of registering.

For discussing consanguinamory initiated through Genetic Sexual Attraction, I recommend the GSA Forums.  This new forum is ONLY for discussing Genetic Sexual Attraction, not consanguinamory between people raised together or by one another. It is a FREE, welcoming, supportive forum run by people who have much experience discussing GSA and helping people experiencing GSA. Again, please read the rules.

Another free place to discuss GSA is the private Yahoo GSA Group. You have to ask to join, and you may or may not be added.

Do you know of any other forums that are free and not overrun with spam and other noise?
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  1. LoL other "noise." No I don't know of any others. I'm glad there are a few though. Eventually I think there will be more :)
    Maybe it's me but I'm confused. Isn't monogamy just when you only have one partner? It might just be me but why do I feel like I have heard bad things about it? o.o Maybe I confuse it with polygamy or something, but aren't most relationships that people have monogamous?

  2. Yes, monogamy is being with one partner. That's certainly not bad, if that is what someone wants. To each his or her own.

  3. I'm certainly glad to have this site and any others I can find to chat with like-minded people. It's nice to know there are others that are like us or at least support us.


  4. Liz, you have been such an amazing help, sharing your story and advising others. Keep it up!

  5. What is deal with Yahoo GSA group? They keep rejectiing me?

  6. Hey Keith, SOAR is moving:
    Look at this entry:
    Uhm, if they think it shouldn't be legalized (or decriminalized, I don't know the difference) I don't think they can offer a support for all gsa relationships. I don't want to attack them, I don't know what being in a gsa relationshp means, but I can't believe that they think that even a healty relationship must be punished (for exemple Pau and her half-brother).
    Decriminalization =/= Encouragement
    Gsa can be very painful, but it shouldn't be bussiness of the state.

    1. Thanks as always Cornelius. You're right. Even people who do not want to act sexually on their GSA will be better off if the law does not interfere.

    2. Excatly what I mean.


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