Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Meanwhile, in Nigeria

According to James Azania’s article at, cousins were arrested for “incest.” Cousins. You know, people who can legally marry in so many places in the world?
Two cousins in Elele, near Auchi, Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo State, Aishetu and Ayibaba, were reportedly paraded by villagers, after they were allegedly caught in sexual act.
Oh no! People were having sex?
Ayibaba, son of a highly placed chief in the community, was said to have engaged in the act with Aishetu, a married first cousin. Aishetu is also said to be a mother of three.
So was this cheating, or does Aishetu have an agreement with her spouse? We aren’t told anything about her marriage or the opinion of her spouse.
Reports had it that some passers-by saw them in the act under a cashew tree and consequently dragged them to the village square, naked.
Really? Having sex is bad, dragging people naked to the village square is acceptable?
A woman, who identified herself as Zainab said Aishetu’s three children joined the crowd while their mother was being paraded before the public.

She said, “Aishetu is married and has three children, but she was in the habit of leaving her husband to go and have sex with her cousin who is younger than her. “
Younger than her? How dare she.
”In fact, we are suspecting that she is using charm to get her cousin to have sex with her.”
What about wiles?
”It is a taboo in this village, so that is why we are parading them in the village.”
Gossip and forcible public humiliation are perfectly fine, though.
“We learnt that they have been involved in this immoral act for a long time now. They always go to the bush to have sex. So, some members of our community followed them into the bush and immediately they started under the cashew tree, they were caught.”
And uninvited voyeurism and lying in wait (so much for the "passerby" reports) are also peachy, apparently.

Like everwhere else in the world, people in that village need to realize that consensual sex between cousins, or any other consenting adults, shouldn’t be a criminal matter. I don’t support sexual cheating, but for all we know this wasn’t cheating, and cheating shouldn’t be a criminal matter either. While the details may be different, this sort of thing also happens in places like the US. Consenting adults are arrested and "paraded" via news reports and in courtrooms and sentenced to prison for consensual sex with close relatives. It shouldn't happen in the US, the UK, Nigeria, or Nova Scotia.
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