Friday, September 7, 2012

Is Florida Prosecuting People for Consensual Sex?

Unfortunately, we are given the name of the alleged "criminal" which is probably why we're not given the age of the supposed "victim" because it would be considered identifying her.

From comes this terse report, lacking enough information...
A 20-year-old North Naples man is accused of incest after a female relative became pregnant.
 Notice the charge is "incest," not sexual assault, not statutory rape.
Family members called deputies Tuesday after finding a positive pregnancy test in the alleged victim's sock drawer, according to an arrest report.
Family members called police. Not the supposed victim. Either the supposed victim didn't complain to them, or they only cared once she became pregnant. My guess is that she never complained to them.
She told deputies she had sex with Anthony Alan Larde, 20, about five times, a report said.
She said they "had sex." Notice she didn't say she was raped.
Larde told investigators he did have sex with the relative but added that "it was her idea," the report said.
Rapists say that, too, so that isn't relevant, other than the fact that if that is true and if this was indeed consensual, it makes it even more ridiculous that he's been arrested.
Reports did not indicate the relationship between the 20-year-old and the alleged victim, whose age was redacted.
Wouldn't the police have noted she was underage if she was? In Florida, the ange of consent is 18, but a person 23 years of age or younger can legally have sex with a complete stranger who is 16 or older. If they are of legal ages, his being arrested and her not could be yet another example of the stupid idea that young women do not enjoy sex.

So what do we likely have here? Two people enjoying sex  with each other, perhaps even lovemaking, if they are in love. Why is anyone interfering in their relationship? Why should he be prosecuted? If they want to have sex, if they want to be together, if they want to get married... they should be allowed to do all of those things. It is time for Florida authorities to get on the right side of history and stay out of out bedrooms!
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  1. If her age was redacted then she was most likely a minor.

    1. Isn't it more likely her age was redacted to hid her identity? If he only has one sister or niece, her identity would be easily to determine with an age. If she was underage, there would be more charges, wouldn't there?


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