Monday, September 3, 2012

People Fascinated by Penny Lawrence and Garry Ryan

One of the most popular search terms that brings people to this blog is "Penny Lawrence and Garry Ryan" or some variation thereof, and an entry I wrote about the couple is one of the most-viewed entries here, and by far the one that draws the most comments... so many that many of the people commenting don't bother to read the other comments and essentially repeat a previous comment as though they are writing something I haven't seen before. I think one reason is that Penny is so attractive. This is a woman who could have her pick of men; she wanted Garry. This still draws interest. A website called recently featured the couple's story.

As I have always said, they should be free to be together, and free to marry if that is what they want. There is no good reason to force them apart.

Of course, there are people with biases and prejudices who spout bigoted opinions about them. So it shouldn't be surprising that some of the comments after this latest coverage, which added nothing new, included such hate...

you disgusting pieces of crud may you both crash and burn before you destroy the lives on innocent children
Notice Jeannine didn't attempt to explain what is wrong with people loving each other.

The disorder is legit, its the bond we have from being related and since your brain cant process properly you feel attraction.
I wouldn't call a normal reaction to the circumstances a disorder.
I understand it. BUT you dont act on these feelings.
Why not? No explanation is given.
And you especially do NOT bring a child into THAT relationship, thats just horrible.

Why not? The problem seems to be how other people react, which is what people said about interracial couples having children. How about the bigots shut up, and that way, the kids will be fine?
Both of them are facing jailtime, and they should be.

People should go to jail for loving each other?

There were some supportive comments, too. Much ignorance and hate were spouted, but not one good reason was given as to why they shouldn't be congratulated rather than attached. It is sad to see people hating other people who've found happiness together. Some people find love with someone older or younger. Some people experience Genetic Sexual Attraction. Why should anyone else be able to stop consenting adults from being together?
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  1. No one in the comments explained why those two people shouldn't have sex (I don't like to talk about Love), they just say that incest is wrong with various argumenta ad hominem for the possible supporters, like "Anyone who thinks it's acceptable is sick!"
    Few years ago it was really hard for me to stop condemning consensual incest, so I'm not upset that your arguments don't convince people.

  2. Humans are silly bigoted creatures who hate anything that is different from them or they don't understand. Our world would be a much nicer place if we weren't such hateful creatures, but that is human nature and we must deal with it.
    The best counter to hatred and bigotry is of course, acceptance and logic, but many people have trouble with acceptance and unfortunately logic seems to only be present in high concentrations among a minority of humans- judging by the commentary on the site.
    Sorry to be so apocalyptic.

  3. They never had a parent-sibling relationship, so when they met the feelings were probably overwhelming, and hence what happened. It is good they are in love, and only natural for a young fertile woman to become pregnant if they regularly make love. May they live in peace and have more children if they want. She is a beautiful woman and any man.would be proud for her to carry his seed in her womb and give birth to his child. It's just surprising they went so public, but good for them.


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