Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Polyamorous Woman Writes of First Play Party

Polyamorists are not necessarily swingers. (Note: consider all links in this entry after that one NSFW.) Many poly people are in closed polycules and members of that polycule only date and have sex with people within that polycule. Some poly people do swing, however. is polyamorous and wrote about her first swinger party, which she checked out because one of her lovers is a swinger.
Guy and his wife tried to prep me as best as they could. He talked to me about what the physical layout would be (i.e. social area, public area with toys laid out, private bedroom), gave me a run down on who he expected to be there, even tried to help with my most worrisome question – what to wear.
What did she wear?
After careful consideration and an unplanned shopping trip, I found something that was cute, fashionable and had my daughter’s seal of approval, “Oh, mom you could so wear that clubbing!
I staked out a spot on a futon in the social area and watched while people arrived. I was introduced to all of them either by Guy or by simply being in that area.  Everyone was extremely friendly.  It was in that moment that I had my first epiphany of the evening (yes there were several), “It was all so NORMAL.”  It was absolutely normal party behavior; a group of people getting together and being social. It was almost as if they could have flipped on a movie or fired up a barbeque.
Yup. Polyamorous people and swingers are the people next door, the people at the PTA meeting, the people delivering your mail, the people stuck in traffic next to you. Dear reader, you know some poly people and some swingers whether you know it or not.

All in all there were about 10 couples there as well as 2 single females and me.
They were dressed nicely.  Many of the women wore stockings. Guy’s misses was the only one in what could be considered fetish wear (corset). But it was not so much as them dressing to look sexy so much as wearing something that made them FEEL sexy  (epiphany number 2).

After awhile, many people went downstairs, something about knot tying instructions.  
 In part two which is definitely NSFW, she wrote...

After gathering my courage, I crept downstairs; my heart pounding, my fingernails digging into the palms of my hands; turned the corner and saw a bunch of people fully clothed sitting around talking. All so freaking NORMAL; normal except for the table laid out with a spread of sex toys of all shapes and sizes along with a large pile of towels and condoms, but Guy had shown me that anyway and we had played “show and tell” with most of them on a previous date. 
 So how does that all move on to something more exciting?
When his co-host came up and started talking, I realized that he was actually interested in me. Perhaps he was just being the good host or wanting everyone to be comfortable, but I went with it and took Guy’s suggestion about having his co-host give me a massage.

Wow.  I have heard people boast that they are good at massages but I swear this one has magic fingers. Magic fingers that began to drain the nervousness and tension right out of my body; or would have if the lace on my fancy new shirt wasn’t rubbing into my skin. That had to be rectified. My shirt came off with little thought.  I am not modest and finding myself face down on a bed in the public play area sans shirt, seemed about as natural (and necessary) to me as nursing my daughter while walking the aisles of Sam’s Club. I would like to interject here that I was not the only one in a state of semi-undress but if I recall correctly (which I may well not), I was.

Closing my eyes, I let his fingers wander my back and shoulders. He was using an oil that smelled nice and made his fingers glide over my skin. We visited while my body turned into butter. At some point he asked if he could remove my bra.  And at some point he kissed me.
Her recounting of the evening goes on to get quite graphic and hot. It has a happy ending... so to speak. Swinging is obviously not for everyone, but some people enjoy it. Consenting adults should have that freedom with their own bodies.
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