Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day

Lots of people like to imply or outright claim that gay sex or polyamory or polygamy spreads HIV.

What can spread HIV is when someone who isn’t infected has unprotected sex or shared a needle with someone who is infected. So yes, a gay person or poly person can get and spread HIV, but so can anyone.

A gay man will never get HIV if he never comes in contact with body fluid from someone who is infected with HIV.

A woman can have 1, 2, 3, or 7 sex partners or wives or husbands in her life at the same time and never get HIV if none of her lovers or spouses has HIV.

And certainly, siblings who grow up experimenting and then growing into a lifelong marital relationship will never get HIV if neither of them has unprotected sex with someone who does have HIV.

Conversely, two heterosexual virgins can meet, marry and stay monogamous and they can both get HIV if one of them shares a needle with someone who has HIV.

So rather than using the tragedy of AIDS to make bigoted statements about LGBT people or poly people, how about we focus on prevention of transmission, treating those infected with HIV so they don't get AIDS, and caring for those with AIDS?
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  1. Working for the Department of Justice, I have come into contact with many people carrying HIV. Some were infected because of their own foolish choices, and others were infected by other's choices. But, in my opinion, one of the main reasons for the transmission of the virus was because the truth was often misunderstood. It is a sad thing that some people are still so ignorant as to not know how HIV is transmitted. We really need to get the word out.

  2. I agree. HIV infection is reasonably prevantable! I encourage everyone to get informed, get tested, and be safe.


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