Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poly Allies on Yahoo Answers

It's nice to see poly people and allies speaking up on Yahoo Answers. Alexa posed the question...

What do you think about polyamorous relationships?

I used to oppose poly relationships, considering them a sort of unfaithfulness with consent. Within the past year or so though, I've done a complete 180, and now see it as a beautiful bond of love shared between more than two people with none being wronged or neglected if all are aware and consenting.

For those who care, yes, I am in a polyamorous triad. My girlfriend and I share a common additional girlfriend. I've dated my original girlfriend for two years, and she has dated the other girlfriend for one year. I've been dating the other for 2 months, but we were friends prior.

People grow.

A few allies spoke up...

it's not for me. but if a group of people are consenting adults and are open and honest with each other about the arrangement and all find it mutually beneficial they can do what they like.


Stephanie is right love is love but i mean i just hope that if people are doing this that they respect your decision umm im not against i just hope all 3 of you are taking its serious and not fooling around but apparently not i hope you 3 have a long happy marriage and umm also i think that its consits of the people who really want a huge family and as long as you guys get along i dnt think theres a problem


What ever goes on between CONSENTING Adults is their own business, I actually admire that you have such a sweet deal.

Thanks! Yes, don't hate them because they're having a good life.

And from a poly person...

Been in a stable Poly "V" for over 10 years. Been "poly" for over 30 years (before people understood the term). So I think you can guess what I think of Poly. sure there are rocky time, just like any relationship, but my life would not have been as fulfilling or happy . While poly is certainly not for everyone and isn't common in our culture these days, it is nice to know that poly has made some gains in terms of cultural acceptance.

We're going to move towards full marriage equality if this keeps up!
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