Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rights Should Not Be Taken Away By Majority Vote

The Province asked readers if “polygamy should be allowed in British Columbia.” It’s a good thing that fundamental rights like marriage aren’t left up to popular votes.

Laurie Spiess, Vancouver…

Polygamy should definitely be outlawed in B.C. as it is clearly a way for men to exploit women and children.

Yes, because the perfectly legal situation of impregnating different women without having any social or legal obligation to those women isn’t? These polygynists are men who want to be obligated to these women and children. Why shouldn’t that be encouraged?

Would the same men be open to the women having numerous husbands?

I am. Or for a woman having numerous wives. I’m for full marriage equality.

Cheryl Blaschuk, Surrey…

If this group feels they want this lifestyle, power to them. But they should not have custody of the children – they do not have a choice.

What? Would Blaschuk say the same thing about a man who impregnates several casual dates?

Beth Ross, Burnaby…

Of course polygamy should be allowed in B.C., or anywhere. Reason: Most adults already practice it, but in secret – committed to one partner but still visiting others.


Walter Bramsleven, 100 Mile House…

I will never understand why a man would even want more than one wife.

There are lots of things I don’t understand about what other people want, but I don’t try to make the harmless wants illegal.

Kristee Walker, Richmond…

As long as my taxes don’t have to support them, I see no problem with it. They should financially support their own families.

I think the conditions of financial support should be equal. How many children from people who don’t claim to be polygamists are getting assistance? Far more than those from polygamist families, you can be sure of that.

Lucy Ryan, Coquitlam…

In my opinion, polygamy is a pedophile’s chance to have sex with young girls.

Yeah, girls are never molested by self-proclaimed monogamists. Hey, burn at the stake pedophiles who molest or rape children. I’ll give you the matches. But don’t use pedophiles as an excuse to deny marriage equality to adults who love each other.

Clayton Randle, Langley…

I think that polygamy has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the sexual gratification of men. This needs to come to an end.

Hey, look, Randle, just because you might be frustrated does not mean everyone’s sexual gratification need come to an end. So to speak.

Michael Patrick O’Keeffe, Vancouver…

From personal experience, I have found that one wife at a time is more than sufficient.

It’s very simple. Don’t want more than one spouse? Don’t have more than one! See how easy that is?

Don McLachlan, Langley…

It seems that young women raised in a polygamist, religious society ought to be “sweet” and follow the way. This is brainwashing and is submissive behaviour.

Ah yes. Unless they’re brainwashed, young women are sour, not sweet.

No one should hold power over another in this way.

Have you met many men who have been married to one wife for a while?

Sue Hawirko, Maple Ridge…

I think they have a right to live any way they want to. If they want to leave then they should also be able to do so.

Thank you!

Gavin Burgess, Aldergrove…

Personally I have no objection to polygamy any more than I do to gay marriage. It’s a personal thing and it should remain a personal thing. The state has far too many important issues to deal with than polygamy.

Thank you!

There were other comments, too, mostly bigoted. The antiequality people seem to favor two arguments...

1) I don't want more than one spouse/I don't want my spouse having more than one spouse.

Fine. Freedom gives people options, not mandates. So this is a nonargument.

2) Gross old men are taking child brides!

That's something that happens with or without polygamy. Enforce the age of consent. This is another nonargument.

Stop allowing irrational biogtry to interfere with love. Lift bans on the freedom to polygamous marriage.
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