Monday, December 27, 2010

Polyamory Allies on Yahoo Answers

The question was “Do you support polyamorous marriage?” The person asking does. So do many of the people answering.

No Magpie Without Chance…

As long as everyone involved is a consenting adult and my taxes are not subsidizing it, it's none of my business.


I honestly could care less about it. If people wanna get freaky that way, sure why not.


I personally feel that marriage is OK for anyone who takes it seriously.

Eye Of Night…

I couldn't care less, really.
If people manage to earn the right to marry multiple partners, well, more power to them, but I'm busy enough minding my own business to fight to the benefit of others.

Marisa Kirisame…

I personally don't like it. But various religions like Christianity support it, so why not? Go ahead if it floats your boat.


The US is a little behind on this issue. Gay marriage is already legal in Canada an the issue of multi-partner marriage (polyamory - with its various forms [polygamy, polyandry, etc.] is headed for Canada's highest court for a decision. Monogamous marriages is a cultural minority world wide. So... Yes, and I think there is plenty of evidence that it can work, but no better or worse than monogamous marriages.

It is always nice to see diverse support for this freedom to marry. You don’t have to want a polyamorous relationship yourself to support the rights of others.
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  1. disliking polyamory is discriminating against polyamory.


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